Top 5 COVID Friendly Fashion Tips for every Sri Lankan

Top 5 COVID Friendly Fashion Tips for every Sri Lankan

While everything around us is slowly changing back to normal, maintaining your sense of fashion while staying safe is a must! As advised staying comfortable and at ease is the main deal, however that does not mean that you have to lose your style. Read up on these must know COVID friendly fashion tips and revive the fashionista in you!

Dress up, gear up and head out to work, while you stay safe and healthy!

1. Masks, the latest fashion icon

Living with COVID -19 now makes the surgical face mask the new essential fashion statement we cannot let go. If you don’t necessarily fancy the single use face mask, and if you don’t leave home colour messy, get colour coded reusable masks. 

2. Button Up

Button Up Styles have become the upcoming post COVID trend for all genders. It is highly advised to refrain from wearing clothing that may touch your face when undressing. So it’s time to realign your closet to button up friendly styles of your choice!

Men don’t leave Shirtless!

Easy to wear clothing ideally scream easy to take off! #SmirkFace

If you’re a person who dresses up in official wear, shop for any formal shirt of your choice at and match it up with your slacks! Don’t forget to add the final spark with the oxfords.

But if formal is too meh! then Casual is your way!

If you got a more laid back and relaxed fashion IQ, check out the range of casual shirts for men to find your ideal pick!  Don’t forget to crack it up with your chinos and the right loafers.

Ladies on trend!

Time to head back to work ladies! Now it’s a little hassle free, cause staying safe is key, All you need to do is dress up in a fancy button down shirt or a stylish blouse with your favourite pair of formal pants will get you right on track for the desk.

However if you are in a more timely chill kinda mood, go for a relaxed look. Try out wearing a button up dress shirt and pick out your jam for more casual or fit for work. Girrrrl find yourself lucky and let the wind call out for some COVID friendly fashion.

3. Stay weather focused

Is the heat giving you the pins? It’s definitely no excuse when you say productivity drops on minus with the sudden power cuts in this heat. Dress up in the right material that won’t be a hassle for the hot Sri Lankan tropical climate. Material like cotton that will not burn you up. 

4. Be Calm – not Pale

Now don’t you get confused! Plain Jane will never hear a fashionista shout out, so calm does NOT mean P  A  L  E. Wear light coloured outfits that won’t attract much heat and let you kill two birds in one stone: work and chill. Style yourself in white and blast off on the ultimate ramp of eleganzaaa. 

5. Lay low on accessories

Reduce the bling and limit yourself to essentials. A watch or simple jewelry like studs or a charm necklace will spark some glamour! would be the perfect match to look your best while ensuring your safety. Now this is must when you are out on the streets, but no one said no to ramp time at home!

If you got more suggestions to rock on the pandemic season with your fashionista glam, share your comments below. Let’s roll on YOLO and keep our spirits running, in the meantime don’t forget to stay extra safe while you have fun!

Now since Daraz is back with your favourites, save some me-time for some Happy Shopping. 

Amaani Inthikab

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