5 casual wardrobe essentials every woman should own

5 casual wardrobe essentials every woman should own

Women rule the fashion kingdom without a doubt even though fashion was made for men a few centuries ago. Though we girls always stay on top of our fashionista many of us do some common mistakes on not knowing what’s best. Find out what you might have skipped on the 5 casual wardrobe essentials for women.

1. Tops

Wanna look smart but still casual? Getting yourself some tops is the most convenient fashion icon. Let me tell you why, buying a top is like killing two birds in one stone. If you wanna look dressed up and ready for a work look, you can wear the top with a skirt or pants. But if you wanna go all casual the same top with jeans or shorts adds the extra glamour. 

Play around with a variety of tops from cotton materials to polyester. Linen has also ruled the tables as the latest fashion trend. Since we are So Sri Lankan looking forward for the all time tropical summer, choosing the right material is key. 

Speaking of fashion, if you want to make your own statement you need to grab the right colours and the right prints.  Wearing soft and muted colours or cooler colours than warm will bring out that extra elegance in you. Though solids can pop the right balance, you can get some prints for the extra bling. Smaller prints with the right blend of natural warm colours is quite the jam. Also try out a two toned white rustic match for the best look.

2. T-shirts

A solid coloured right fitting tshirt can help you match the best casual looks in town. Be it Sunday Shopping or a ladies day out, the right T with the right bottom is all you need. 

Speaking of going all casual, try out variations of crop tops and highlight them curves. Don’t be afraid to go all-in when showcasing the latest casual wardrobe essentials in town.

3. Jeans

Shopping for the best pair of jeans could be tricky. Best fit jeans mostly depend on what you pick for your body type. What casual wardrobe essentials mostly forget is that jeans have types too. 

Colour code your jeans. Lighter shade of blue hits a more weekend casual summer look, while the darker shades of blue is the best choice for causal work attire or a chill session with friends. 

Match the high waist buttoned up jeans or one buttoned jeans with crop tops and tucked in shirts to add some height and show off the curves. However if you are picking your jeans for the perfect hide-out, avoid the casual tight pencil jeans and go for the relaxed slim jeans or 80’s bell bottom.

4. Pants

Unlike men’s fashion, ladies rule the designer pants as well! Be it joggers or yoga pants, cargo or wide leg pants, girls definitely rule the fashion on the street. Ankle length pants can bring you the ultimate casual fashionista in you. 

Go colour crazy when shopping online for casual pants for your wardrobe. Casual pants don’t necessarily look like PJs, so make sure you pick what suits you the best.

casual wardrobe essentials for women

5. Shorts/ Skirts

Denim shorts vibe with everything and is the ultimate casual essential for all the girls out there. You could also try out some pastel colours on solid casual shorts or even a print for the beach. Note that shorts can be hipster or high waist too. Do a trial fit-on and pick what’s best for you. 

Skirts in Sri Lanka reminds you of the G word, but skirts are the trend in town. A high waist casual skirt world fit right with casual tops and even tshirts. Wrap-arounds give you the extra flare while you get some air.  Stay cute and sassy with mini skirts.

6. Add On’s

Add some sparkle with the right accessories even when it comes to calling it a casual. A fancy write watch is the ideal pick. Don’t let the rays blind you, always carry your shades. Whether it;s aviators, cat eyes or oversized polygons, look through the shades lens to highlight your casual fashion spirit.

Take home tips: 

  • Colour code
  • Experiment
  • Match the top and bottom
  • Accessorize with add on’s
  • Add the final touch with the loafers.

While some of the items in your classic wardrobe might cost you a penny, they’re a great investment. A set of well-made basics will last you forever and will act as building blocks for a trendier outfit.

Stay tuned on the Daraz Fashion page for the latest update for your wardrobe. 101 fashion tip: Never lose the fashionista in you, cause the first impression always matters.

What do you consider to be must-have items of clothing? Let us know in the comments!

Amaani Inthikab

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