5 casual wardrobe essentials every man should own

5 casual wardrobe essentials every man should own

If you ever thought fashion for men is not quite right, you have totally got it wrong. Taking a few miles down in history women did NOT have any fashion what-so-ever, and mind you, it was illegal. Find out what you have missed on the 5 casual wardrobe essentials for men.

So if you are a lad hunting for a fashion upgrade, or if you are hunting for some fashion tips for your boy-friend you are on the right page.

1. T-shirts

Calling it casual usually starts with the tshirts. Though it’s the most hacked type of clothing for most guys on the casual counter, selecting the right type of t-shirt for men could slightly take a tricky edge. 

Cotton tshirts for men or dri-fit tshirts could be a choice of your own. Picking the right collar goes a long way. If it’s just chill a round neck or a V-neck would suit right. But if you wanna level up for a drink with the party vibes then the collared is the right pick. 

Stay on the right palette. If you are about to hit the beach, prepare your shades and dress in lighter tones, Light colours suit extremely prim and proper kinda situations as well. Dark colors go well for the dressed up chad like occasions. 

2. Shirts

Shirts or tshirts pop up as the most common confusion! So let’s clear it out right now. There are a few factors when picking the right shirt. When it comes to casuals settle for the linen or the cotton or lighter toned shirt to fit the occasion. 

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A short sleeve shirt tucked in with the jeans or chinos or the same shirt with your jeans is a nice match and win you could play around with.

BONUS : If you wanna hide your belly but still wanna look slim and fit, a casual shirt for men goes a really long way. 

3. Denim

Casual wardrobe essentials for men start with hacking the same old pair of jeans morning noon and night. Or let’s say work, weekends and parties sounds like the common jazz yeah? Well you just heard fashion error 404! True denims for boys are the most comfortable hack in history, but going on jeans all day long is a bit no no. 

Denim too have a colour palette, darks for the night and lights for the daily hack sounds much better. Then again don’t get limited to your comfort zone, you could try out chinos or shorts. Though most Sri Lankan bois assume that it’s a little too much, trust me if you do it right you could avoid all disappointment. 

4. Chinos

Causal but a bit more dressy is a big shout out to chinos. If you scrape out the big word, it literally means casual pants for men. Looking for comfy, dressy and in style for casual ? then chinos is your pick without a doubt. 

Search around for the right colour, with browns, beige, blues and greens that could match with most of the shirts and tshirt you already have stuffed up in your closet. Pick a safe colour that won’t make you look like you wear the same old slack every single day. 

Pro Tip: Make sure you get a pair without pleats in the front, it’ll help you look slim and trim!

5. Shorts

Avoiding shorts for men in Sri Lanka is quite overrated. Let’s face it boys, shorts are the ideal pick for a tropical warm island like this. And if you thought shorts are too casual for the place, again you got it wrong. 

Weekend drinks with the gang, watching the matches or a basic house party during daylight calls for shorts. Though most of you might settle for the dark black, blue of gray, try out the brighter range of blue and nude colours as well. When it’s casual and shorts, matching the right footwear is a must. 

5. Loafers

Casual kings really need to get the loafers into action. Picking the right design to vibe with the casual comfy but still in style is something you should look out for.  Perfect for tropical countries like Sri Lanka, a pair of low and lace-free loafers are a mainstay for all those smart-casual occasions.

A tan coloured pair will suit most colour palettes while a navy pair will complement tones like whites, beige and greens. Match it with the right pants and walk free and fashion casual.

6. Add On’s

Tuck in your shirt with a belt to match your loafers, or jazz things up a little with a blazer if you gotta be smart casual but still on the official edge of things. 

Take home tips: 

  • Colour code
  • Match the top and bottom
  • Accessorize with add on’s
  • Add the final touch with the loafers.

While some of the items in your classic wardrobe might cost you a penny, they’re a great investment. A set of well-made basics will last you forever and will act as building blocks for a trendier outfit.

Remember, the right foundation will help you look polished and put together at all times. Shop online with Daraz.lk for your casual wardrobe essentials now!

What do you consider to be must-have items of clothing? Let us know in the comments!

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