All You Need to Know About Daraz First Games (DFG)!

All You Need to Know About Daraz First Games (DFG)!

Daraz is going to launch Daraz First Games (DFG) – a new gaming platform where people can come to play free online games and unveil exciting rewards. DFG is an all in one web game solution for all Daraz users where anyone can play online with their friends and family all across the island.

Gamers will find some of the best online games in both tournament mode and 1v1 mode where they can challenge other users.

It is a great way to stay entertained and win real rewards and points in your Daraz account that you can utilize for shopping!

Special Features of DFG

Make the most of DFG with the following exciting features!

  • 15 plus Best Online Games
  • Win Points and Win Real Rewards
  • Multiplayer Gaming
  • Online Tournaments
  • Real-Time Leaderboards
  • Player vs Player Mode

How To Participate in DFG

To play Daraz First Games, follow these 5 simple steps below and start winning!

  1. Go to Daraz App
  2. Login into your Daraz account
  3. Select Daraz First Game icon from the Daraz app and enter the game center
  4. Select any game you would like to play and win
  5. Once you enter the game, select game type and start the game!

What are DFG Points?

Daraz First Games points are like any other online game points. You can keep playing and win DFG points in your account. The more you play more chances of winning points!

You can use these points to participate in games and contests. Most importantly, if you have enough DFG points in your account then you can redeem them to claim vouchers and shop on Daraz.

Here’s a List of All the DFG Games

There are several exciting web games you can play in DFG. Let’s have a look at which interesting games are there for you!

◾ Ninja Duo◾ Cooking Master
◾ Ludo◾ Block Puzzle
◾ Bike Racing 3◾ Candy Match
◾ Daily Solitaire◾ UpHill Racing 2
◾ Basketball Hero◾ Bubble Shooter HD
◾ Hot Blood Hunter◾ Gomoku
◾ Origami Jump◾ Crazy Shooter
◾ King Kong Bomb◾ Memory Tile
◾ Guns & Bottles◾ Chor Police
◾ Retro Tetris◾ 3D High Way Racer

All these exciting games can be played with your friends in PvP mode or you can play it in one player mode against AI. These games range from classic arcade games and to casual games.

There are 3 different playing styles that can help you to be a pro and win big:

1) Play Free and Improve Skills

Improve your skills by playing Free Games. Boost your skills to win the super contests or tournaments with thousands of players. You can join for Free and can improve your gaming experience.

2) Play Free and Win Points

Have enough game skills? Now let’s try to win some points and compete with other players. Still, you do not need to cost any point but you can win points jumping on the leaderboard

3) Pay Points and Win Big

Practiced enough to challenge the best players? If you are ready to play big and win heavy this is the time. Pay entry point, play with the finest players, and be top of the leader-board. Beat the best players and take away a big chunk of points.

Game Modes

You can easily test your skill with players across the country by joining any of the online game modes

  • Practice for Free:
    • Sharpen your skills in the practice mode until you mastered the game and win points for free
  • Head 2 Head:
    • Challenge your friends on Player Vs Player battles for free and earn points by beating your opponent.
  • Challenge For Point
    • The ultimate destination. Players must join using points to compete in the 2-day long super tournament and the top players in the leaderboard will receive a large bounty of points
  • Challenge for Coupons:
    • Join the challenge for free and get to the top of the leaderboard to win exciting coupons

So what are you waiting for? Join Daraz First Game platform for more entertainment! Download the Daraz App now and play games and win real rewards!

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