Are you a beginner or a pro?  The essential gym starter pack

Are you a beginner or a pro? The essential gym starter pack

Are you a beginner or a pro? Is Gym your second home or are you still planning on getting there next week? For all the pros or beginners; here is an essential gym starter pack that might help everyone. Getting in shape with the perfect gym body is goals!

What do you really need to take to the gym? For everyone ready for a killer gym workout and all the newbies starting off with a slow and steady warm up, the essential gym accessories that you should carry are quite common to all. 

Water bottle / shaker

The corona virus must have warned you right, essential gym supplies for 2020 are 100% personal! And this includes a water bottle or a shaker just for your personal usage. Staying hydrated is one of the most important ques you need to remember at the gym. 

Get ready to blast-off after a pre-workout and keep lifting. 

Gym Attire

Training is important but training in the right clothes is a must. Gym attire is quite similar to any other body workout clothing. Which ticks off your checklist;

  • T-shirt 
  • Track bottoms/ shorts or leggings
  • The correct sports undies (not so tight not too lose)
  • Trainers that fit you right.

When it comes to proper gym attire, the right fit is what you should look for. Get your measurements and value those inches. Wearing the wrong fitting clothes will eventually push you towards more injuries and exhaust you way before time. Get into some easily stretchable workout attire!


A gym towel is a must when training with your gyms bros. Taking a towel to the gym is a basic skill 101. It is highly recommended to take two towels with you, one to clean your face and the other to use while training. 

Laying your towel on the gym machines for all your killer routines requires you to carry a medium sized towel which is not too big as a bath towel and not too small as a face towel either. 20 x 40cm could be the ideal one for this purpose.  


Keep your hands soft and steady! Using a gym glove is a controversial debate among many gym freaks around the world! 

Getting yourself a glove is optional but it is very helpful for you to perform better with less injuries and higher grip strength. Plus they are a lot more comfortable than going barehanded. It also helps you protect your skin from calluses. 

Lifting Belt

The lifting belt or gym belt is a weights accessory that most people use. Avoid any kind of torturing back pains with extra support. It is always better to be safe than sorry especially when it comes to twisting your back disks wrong! Wear it and lift heavier by the day. 

Wearing the lifting belt that fits you right is very important. If you do not have a belt that is tight enough it would not be effective and eventually you will be prone to more injuries. Select the right size and do think about the right material for the best support. 

The ultimate workout playlist

Gyming could be boring without the right motivation.

Motivation does not always mean your gym partners or gym buddies who’ll always support you. But having the right attitude for the best workout starts from yourself. It is not always the gym equipment that you need for the right workout but the right mindset is super essential too. 

Get your killer workout mood on with the right music that will help you keep calm and confident. Keep all the drama away while you grab onto your sports wear, sweat proof headset that will keep the numbers running. 

Gym Bag

The gym fitness starter pack is not complete until you get yourself a bag to fit everything in. Shoes, clothes, and accessories all need to fit in just right and pulling out a clutter at the gym is a big NO. 

Make sure you stay organized and ready for an extreme toning or bulking workout and get ready to salvage the ultimate gym starter pack. 

Shop for all the goodies in your essential gym starter pack today on Daraz. Shop online and get all the gym accessories and supplies you need to kick start a killer schedule. Fit is Always Fun! Order now and get it delivered to your doorstep. 

Amaani Inthikab

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