Epic books for kids : Best buys online in 2020

Epic books for kids : Best buys online in 2020

Good reads are an essential for masterminds in the making. Choosing the best books for kids might not be as easy as you think. The right story needs a good plot, exemplary characters and a take home message they will remember for a lifetime. Check out the list of best books to buy online in 2020. 

Beginner Guides

Let’s start with an A. 

Books for kids start with the basic ABCs. Teaching the little masterminds to read and write as they reach the age of 2 – 3 is highly recommended. Alphabet for kids starts with great listening and observing skills. Which means you got to get back to square one and start with them. 

Letters and Numbers for kids are learnt better with colourful illustrations and a little bit of help from adults. It’s never too late to start teaching your masterminds. Shop for all beginner books for kids online on Daraz. 

Activity Books and Quizzes

Test your little masterminds

Learning at a very young age does won’t work with a good read. Education is process of training the mind to know more. Make them listen and get them engaged. Doing little activities with their involvement might be a few mins you spare, but they treasure it for a lifetime.

Simple activity books and quizzes for kids is a fun and exciting way to grow. Help them learn and grow to be true masterminds with creativity, innovative thinking and curiosity.

Educational Books

STEM your way through

Why should kids learn STEM? Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics might sound like the BIGGEST words in town, but they are simple activities that start with everyday events. Remember how an apple fell on Newton’s head?

Change the perspective your kids see the world. Help them learn the right things at the right time, cause laying the foundation and knowing their interests start at a very young age. Relive the younger version of yourself and grab the chance to grow again. 

Fairy Tales

Lessons for a lifetime

A supernatural mystery seeker to an old school traditional masterpiece, story telling laid the foundation to the oldest oral tradition in any society. Your childhood stories of jack and the beanstalk just got elevated to the diary of a wimpy kid. 

Remember how snow white ate from a stranger? How Jinna and Upali ended up being best friends for life? Let your child’s imagination flow while they read about experiences they can cherish forever. 

Comic books for kids

A movie in the making 

Words alone might bore you, but pictures speak louder than words. DC comics and Marvel comics surely got hold of the action in the world of comics.

The comic audience is not just a craze, but an entire community of its own. Building on a wide range of genres though action comics are the most common books for young adults. Let comics for kids boost their imagination along with their confidence. Buy comic books online with Daraz and enjoy a wide range of heros in reality

Cognitive thinking, imagination and creativity start from day one. Reading and learning are two things you cannot force into any genius in the making. Great parents will show their kids the way forward and let them grow on their own. 

Buy the best books for kids and enjoy a memory of a lifetime. Spend time with your little masterminds efficiently and creatively.

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