Smooches All day, Every Day!  : Lipstick Must-haves to get his attention this Valentines Day

Smooches All day, Every Day! : Lipstick Must-haves to get his attention this Valentines Day

We’re almost at the most romantic day of the year. And aside from finding the perfect gift, it’s also important to look your very best to snag those insta-worthy snaps and nail your #couplegoals shots. And they say the most important a girl needs to wear is her smile. Well we’re here to add a little glam to that smile. There are a few Lipstick Must-haves that a girl must hold on to, just to add a little color in that last minute touch up

Let’s take a look at the Top 5 Lipstick Must-haves you NEED this season.

Neutral / Nudes

Lipstick Must-haves

This is a color which can be worn on a sunny day, or to an evening occasion, a party, with bold and dark eyes and still manage to take every man’s breath away! Super convenient to hold on to, and can be used to tweak a look if you feel is too heavy. Perfect for everyday wear if you want to keep it simple but not too plain. Make sure to keep it in line with your natural lip color for it to look it’s best

Very Berry

This rebellious shade is a worthy break from the classics. When it comes to the berry range, whether it is plum, red-ish cranberry, grape, rosy pink raspberry or blackberry, dare to go bold. This is the perfect accessory if you have a fancy dinner but want to keep it lowkey on the outfit. Utilize accessories and makeup to pull your outfit together. And remember with dark berry shades, go subtle on the eyes

Runway Red

Lipstick Must-haves

The obvious and ultimate option of Lipstick Must-haves is the obvious classic red. When it comes to the statement-flaunting red lipstick shade, the name of the game is trial and error. Always make sure to match your red shaded with your skin’s undertone to keep the look balanced and well fit. Keep this in your clutch for a quick touch up before the selfies and you’re good to go!

Soft Corals

Coral is another shade that we deem a Lipstick must-haves! This shade has the amazing ability to be eye catching and yet delicate at the same time. Yes, so you can still keep your soft and delicately feminine look while not having to be one step behind the more daring shades. And the best part, there is a coral for every skin shade. So hold on to this for those fun, festive summer days. Because Coral is a go to!

Perfect in Pink


The Universal girly color ofcourse has to be one of your Lipstick-Musthaves! Whether you are on the bolder mood or the softer one, pink is the praised color for every occasion. The color is best suited for when wearing warm tones and light makeup to add a subtle touch of style. It’s also the best color to layer on with your nudes if you like to glam it up a little for occasions.

If your list is lacking any of these then you need to get shopping right away. Bag your Lipstick-Musthaves and more to sport any look, any day but most importantly, just in time for Valentines day. Shop for all things gift, outfit and makeup related on today!

Hajara Mohamed

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