Best Action Cameras in Sri Lanka in 2021

Best Action Cameras in Sri Lanka in 2021

Read on if you seek action cameras in Sri Lanka to accompany you in your most extreme adventures. Then, we can guide you to get the best action camera that will suit your needs.

Are you looking at action cameras in Sri Lanka suitable to resist your most action-packed journeys? Then, take a look at our action camera compilation for 2021.

What features to look for in an action camera?

Sometimes more than keeping the focus on the brand of your camera, it’s better to keep your evaluate the features. Of course, popular brands are packed with quality features. However, the premium brands do come with a relatively high price tag. Therefore before diving into our list of the best action cameras in Sri Lanka, we would like to take you through the top features to look for in an action camera.

  1. Quality of Video
  2. Shape, size and weight
  3. Durability
  4. Mounting Accessories
  5. Battery Life

As long as the features above match the scopes of your adventures, you are sure to capture some epic footage. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at our list of action cameras for 2021.

List of Best Action Cameras in Sri Lanka and prices in 2021

  • H9 action camera Price In Sri Lanka – Rs. 11,943
  • EKEN H6S Action Camera- Rs. 23,900
  • Xiaomi Action Camera price in Sri Lanka – Rs. 24,980
  • EKEN Action camera price in Sri Lanka – Rs. 29,990
  • SJCAM SJ8 Pro 4k Action Camera – Rs. 47,490
  • Insta 360 one price in Sri Lanka – Rs. 105,850
  • GoPro camera price in Sri Lanka – Rs. 128,890

iMars H9+ Action Camera

This camera offers good 4K video for less than Rs. 15,000! The iMars H9+ Action Camera is quite the deal if you are shopping on a low budget. The body is up to 30 meters water-resistant. Furthermore, the camera comes with a  3.2 inch TFT LCD screen.  If you mount this camera on your vehicle; it will start recording automatically

You get several shooting options, including 4K video and time-lapse photo modes and slow motion. This makes an ideal dashcam for your car. Furthermore, it has wifi settings enabling you to connect the device to your smartphone or another smart device.

In addition, it comes with a remote control that connects wirelessly using 2.4G radiofrequency. This camera is totally worth every cent you spend on it. It accompanies a wide range of accessories, and the image quality is not in any way behind compared to cameras in the low price range.

EKEN H6S Action Camera

Another mid-range action camera that gets the job done. It comes with 4K recording capabilities, providing you with crisp imaging and more detailed footage. In addition, this camera gives you more flexibility in editing and adds future-proofing to your content. Furthermore, the EKEN H6S Action Camera is also fully capable of shooting Full HD. So, this is one of the perfect action cameras in Sri Lanka that lets you easily share your adventuresome lifestyle with the world.

Mi Xiaomi Sphere 360 Camera

Xiaomi is a multinational electronics company renowned for its smartphones, laptops and other electronic accessories.  Founded in 2010, they rapidly gained a consumer following due to their commitment to ensuring flagship-level technology is made available at an affordable rate. As a result, Xiaomu introduced Mi Xiaomi Sphere 360 Camera, which is an excellent mid-range camera.

If your life is full of spirit, your photos ought to be able to reflect it. Thanks to Xiaomi Sphere 360 Camera, you can record every moment in 360 degrees. It comes with an ultra-wide-angle high aperture lens. In addition, it contains a reflective prism that eliminates blind spots producing images of top quality. Mi Sphere Camera is ideal for capturing your busy nights out in the city. Furthermore, it allows capturing long exposure shots of up to 8 seconds. Therefore you are guaranteed to capture every single best moment. All these exceptional features make this one of the best action cameras in Sri Lanka.

EKEN H9R 4K Action Camera

Are you looking for Go Pro level technology at a budget? In that case, we assure you that EKEN H9R 4K Action Camera will not disappoint.

It provides exceptional video quality, as it is designed to record in 1080p and 720p. Furthermore, this is an excellent camera for capturing fast-moving objects. All images are crisp clear, and you will be surprised at how well it captures the smallest details.

SJCAM SJ8 Pro 4k Action Camera

Are you ready to capture every fast-paced moment in your life in clear, crisp details at 4K? In that case, you will love this action camera.  It combines the Ambarella processor and the Sony IMX377  sensor allowing 8X digital zoom. The best part is you will be surprised at how clear the images are even after zooming at 8X.

The camera comes with a sleek and reliable waterproof casing allowing you to dive under up to 90 feet of water and capture the underwater adventures in detail. Furthermore, this camera comes with 2 microphones. One is in the front and the other on the side. So get ready to record every detailed action and sound while you go to live concerts and fun carnivals.

Insta 360 one Action Camera

The Insta360 One raises the bar on versatility. You can change out camera modules for different features and shooting choices thanks to the One R’s modular architecture. In addition, it comes with a 4K video wide-angle camera for out of the world 4K action camera experience with 4K footage. The dual-lens 360-degree camera and a Leica-engineered camera with a 1-inch sensor allow the highest picture quality possible even in low light situations. Therefore, you can take your creativity to a different level with the fantastic features of this action camera.

Go Pro HERO 9

Last but not least, no action camera list is complete without the “Go Pro.” The Go Pro Hero 9 action camera bags the accolades for the best lens, recording the best details of your life at 5K at 30 frames per second. That’s not all; you can pull out high quality still shots from video footage. Furthermore, the super smooth stability will allow you to capture your footage in the smoothest form imaginable.

We hope this post helps you to get some insight into the top action cameras in Sri Lanka. If you are on the lookout for the ideal camera, do check out Snap your way with these 6 must-have Cameras.

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