Stay at Home and Get in Shape with These Deals on Fitness Equipment

Stay at Home and Get in Shape with These Deals on Fitness Equipment

Why go to the gym when you can get massive deals on fitness equipment? So, save up on your gym membership fees and start building your personal home gym.

If you have been waiting for the best deals on fitness equipment, here is your chance! Your favourite exercise machines, treadmils, exercise cycle and other home gym equipment, are up to 60% off. So, what’s the occasion?

Daraz is celebrating its 5th Birthday. Daraz Birthday Sale begins on the 7th of October. So, if you are looking for deals on fitness equipment, now is your chance. Furthermore, you can get up to 12% off on bank cards and instalment payment plans. In addition, there will be giveaways, vouchers and free shipping. So, shop for all your fitness equipment and other fitness accessories during the Daraz Birthday Sale! Now Let’s take a look at some equipment you can buy at lower prices.



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The weather or the pandemic should not disrupt our day-to-day workout routines, which is why having a treadmill is vital. It is a piece of fitness equipment popular among many and is relatively straightforward to use. In addition, you can watch your favourite tv show whilst you exercise on your treadmill, thereby you will not be bored workout every day.

Body Trainer

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To lead a prolonged healthy life, you should invest in yourself first. A body trainer widely helps in burning your stubborn fat. It also boosts your stamina and is the best equipment you could own. The body trainer provides a full-body workout and simulates an overall workout efficiency. This machine is proven to be the best if you sustain injuries as it’s considered a low impact machine.


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Cycling helps you save time because you no longer have to get stuck in traffic after your morning workout, as well as it leads the way to a healthy lifestyle. You become creative as studies prove it. Isn’t that amazing? Starting your morning by paddling your cycle, gazing through scenic views does not seem like a workout, but it does have a bigger impact than you could expect. You’re never too young or old to go cycling, and here’s the chance to give yourself or your loved ones a bicycle that makes a positive change and aids your health and happiness.

Core Strengthening Equipment

Abs Chair

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If you’re not too comfortable with your upper body, the Ab chair is what you need. This is the perfect equipment to tone up your core abs and result in developing six-packs. This machine is definitely a must-have so you could make its magic work and flaunt your six-packs or wear the ‘bestest’ outfit you have with your flat tummy. Plus you’d have a flexible back and a strong core. Bear in mind that the core strengthening Abs chair enhances your body posture and is one of the ‘must haves’ in your household.

Sit-Up Bench

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Are you dreaming of rock hard abs? It’s not impossible as it may seem. However, if you want to fast track your results, investing in a sit-up bench would be a great idea. It allows you to perform intense abdominal exercises whilst providing the necessary support and stability to your back. Furthermore, continuously working out on this piece of equipment will give you a strong core. That will be highly beneficial in the long run if you want to get rid of backaches and pains.

Arm Muscle Strengthening Equipment


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Are you tired of flabby arms? That’s where a set of dumbbells can come to your rescue. Furthermore, it helps to strengthen your arms. You can perform several exercises with the dumbbells that will give you toned and sculpted arms. Therefore, invest in a pair of dumbbells while you can get it for the lowest prices at the best discounts.

Accessories For Cool Down & Stretching

Yoga Mat

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Every workout needs to end with a cool down relaxing routine. It is highly recommended to stretch some of the muscles that you have been intensely working out. So, grab a yoga mat and dive right into a stretching routine right after your workout, and your muscles will thank you later. Furthermore, you can use the yoga mat for Yoga, exercises that involve lying on the floor, and of course, deep stretching exercises for the glutes and back.

While Daraz celebrates its 5th Birthday, our brand partners Teleseen, Quantum Fitness, Lumala, Stallion Riders Bikes, Seepower, and Decathlon offer up to 60% OFF, with free shipping and vouchers. So, make the most of this sale and get all the equipment you need to get in shape before the end of 2021.

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