Special Discounts on Cleaning Supplies for a Clean and Tidy Home

Special Discounts on Cleaning Supplies for a Clean and Tidy Home

Get your home all sparkly clean with big discounts on cleaning supplies. We know it’s no easy task to ensure your home is always tidy with zero messes. Yet, all these tasks become easy peasy lemon squeezy with the right set of tools by your side. So, during the Daraz Birthday Sale, we bring all the essentials you need to clean messes and organize your home. The best part is they are at discounted prices.

Daraz is turning 5! And, you have a chance to get amazing deals and discounts up to 50% off on cleaning supplies. Daraz’s Birthday Sale is starting on the 7th of October. So, there will be Free Shipping, Vouchers, and big Giveaways. Download the Daraz app to grab these special discounts on basic cleaning supplies. So, let’s take a look at a few basic cleaning supplies that will be available at sale prices.


Your surroundings impact your mental health, and cleaning on a regular basis should be a priority. It can seem like a tiresome task, but it is one of the key factors for a healthy lifestyle. However, picking a long-lasting broom that absorbs dirt and dust in order to maintain a much cleaner home is a task. The most effective way to clean your home is by sweeping, and it brings out noticeable results after every cleaning session. Moreover, regular sweeping sessions can also prevent scratches and debris that contaminates the floor. The Daraz app offers you a collection of brooms that you could choose- from swan featured brooms to various colours if you wish to colour coordinate with your interior. 

Mops and Mop Buckets

A lot of germs tend to harbour on the floor. So, you need to give a good mop in addition to sweeping so that you can remove ugly stains. When the floor remains sparkling clean after a mop, I’m sure you know how it feels? Absolutely stress-free! Having good quality cleaning tools makes life easy similarly, Whiteline industries get all your floor sanitizing equipment sorted. So make the floor in your home look the best. Let’s not forget about the mop bucket. It’s essential to carry all the liquid solution to clean the floor, and what better object can you think of using to hold the mop itself?

Tile Cleaners

Tiles are generally tricky as they have a hard surface that makes cleaning a tedious task. A perfect tile cleaner aids you to ward off the soiled floor and is primarily used as a solution for deep cleaning purposes. In addition, you get to purchase your tile cleaner from the Daraz Sale at a very reasonable price and earn up to 50% off your bill. So, look no further but add this amazing product to your cart.

Cobweb Brushes

It may not be Halloween yet, but your walls are filled with cobwebs. A cobweb brush is considered a piece of great equipment to dust away cobwebs. Whether you’re cleaning inside or outside your home, it attracts dust. You can reach any height as they are specially designed to help you reach problematic areas to remove spider webs. Cobwebs will bring an unpleasant feel and make your home look scruffy and unclean. So equip yourself with a cobweb brush if you do not have one already.

Waste Paper Basket

You can find a lightweight and durable waste paper basket to pile up all the trash from the Jeewa plastic store on the Daraz app. In addition, You can place these easy-to-use waste paper baskets anywhere in your home as these are high quality and light in size. Thanks to this item, you don’t have to walk to your backyard to discard any trash that prevents you from polluting the surrounding.

Storage Boxes

The best way to organize things is to store them in boxes. So if you have little items that you need to store away, these storage boxes will be priceless.

Clothes Hangers

Clothes hangers can be beneficial in a couple of ways. First, you can put your clothes on the clothes hangers to dry out after laundry. Also, you can hang your clothes in your wardrobe after ironing so they are ready to go. Therefore, investing in a few clothes hangers can go a long way.

Surface Cleaning Supplies

Dust build-up within houses can lead to several problems. It can result in allergies and sneezing, and other infections related to the respiratory system. The best way to prevent dust build-up is to clean the surfaces often. Therefore, don’t forget to grab special discounts on surface cleaning supplies during the Daraz Birthday sale.

Bathroom Cleaning Supplies

It’s essential to regularly clean and disinfect the bathroom for hygienic purposes. Therefore you need to stock up on essential bathroom cleaning tools such as toilet brushes, disinfectant surface cleaners and bathroom floor brushes. What better time to stock up on all these items than when there is a sale, correct? So, make the most out of the Daraz birthday sale to save big on bathroom cleaning supplies.

Get all your household, kitchen and bathroom cleaning essentials at the lowest prices with additional discounts during our birthday sale. You can get up to 50% off from our brand partners Lanka Tiles, JEEWA PLASTIC PRODUCTS, Whiteline Industries Colombo pvt. Ltd. Furthermore, you can get free shipping and vouchers. So, what are you waiting for? Download the Daraz App and stock up on all your cleaning essentials and save big time!

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