Make Your Children Smile: Get  Amazing Bargains on Toys and Games

Make Your Children Smile: Get Amazing Bargains on Toys and Games

Have you been waiting for bargains on Toys and Games to buy that LEGO set or cuddly bear for your kid? Finally, here’s an opportunity for all the parents and children to get excited alike. Toys can be slightly pricey in today’s market. So, the best option is to wait till a grand Sale. Speaking of sales, Daraz Birthday Sale is about to hit the town on the 7th of October. You get massive bargains on toys and games with up to 60% off. On top of that, there will be gifts on selected purchases. Additionally, some of the stores are offering free shipping during this time. So don’t forget to keep a close eye on the sale.


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The Hasbro store is where you can buy toys and other activity-based items for your child. It has a range of activity-based toys that your superhero fanatic boy would love and wonderful substances such as playdoughs to keep your toddler busy. You can find tools and shaped moulds along with playdoughs as they are incredible for developing children’s motor skills. Furthermore, it guides their brains to think creatively. Stand a chance to win exciting gifts from Hasbro during the Daraz birthday sale.


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If you seek budget-friendly toys that make your little one’s playtime fun, you cannot miss out on the toys at EMCO store. Spoil your children with a generous amount of toys or fill your child’s playroom so they can play whenever they like. Although they have a budget-friendly selection, they do not compromise on quality. You can keep your kids preoccupied so they will never get bored! Check out the store to collect vouchers so you can buy all that your little one likes without hesitation!


To draw a child’s attention, you need not work too hard. Simply get them any colourful object to see the amusement on their faces. Head online and go to the Daraz Lego store to purchase lightweight, child-friendly toys fit for several age groups. Lego has designed its toys so you can build together with your child and have the best family time. Did you know that LEGO toys help toddlers build problem-solving skills? You will also notice that lego has a colourful collection of toys which tempts the adults too.


Mattel has a fabulous range of toys that can entertain your little ones for hours and hours. Mattel is dedicated to furnishing your baby’s playroom and is particularly available for infants and toddlers. They also have cute. Girl moms are sure to visit the Mattel store more often as they have an array of Barbie dolls that are incredibly adorable. Your little munchkin is going to love them.


Let your child simultaneously explore while they play. Does your child have an inquisitive mind and thinks out of the box? You may wonder what to give them. Maybe they do not get a thrill from ordinary toys. The Thingerbits store is where you can find toys to refine your child’s mind and is a great place to purchase educational STEM toys as it promotes cognitive learning and the outcome of these toys nurtures their innovative capabilities in the long run.

E Work Bench

Do you have children that are curious about building new things with electronics? In that case, you and your children should definitely browse through the E Work Bench flagship store on Daraz. They feature a range of STEM toys and Electronic learning toys. Furthermore, your children can even use the products in this store for their science projects. All it requires is a few items from the E Work Bench and a creative mind.


Did you know that soft toys develop socializing skills within children? Their little imaginative minds love to imagine that their cuddly buddy is another member of the family. So, browse through the SriGift store on Daraz to get all your soft toys at amazing discounts.

So get ready for the 7th of October to acquire big bargains on toys and games for your children and the entire family. Shop with our brand partners Hasbro, Emco, Lego, Mattel, Thingerbits, E work Bench, and SriGift to get Up to 60% OFF, Free Gifts,  Free Shipping and Vouchers. Furthermore, if you shop with your bank cards, you will be eligible for an additional 12% discount during the Daraz Birthday Sale. So, get ready to shop till you drop!

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