Discounts on Health and Beauty Products to Look Fabulous for the Rest of the Year

Discounts on Health and Beauty Products to Look Fabulous for the Rest of the Year

Here’s the best chance to grab big discounts on health and beauty products. Your self-care routine should come second to none. Therefore, it’s vital to ensure that your skincare items, haircare essentials, and other products that help you look good and feel good are stocked up. Owing to the convenience of online shopping, you can get everything delivered to your doorstep with a tap of a button.

Today 13th of October is the last day of the Daraz Birthday sale. So, if you haven’t availed of the available discounts on health and beauty products, you still have a few hours to go. Get up to 60% off from your favourite health and beauty brands Unilever, Hemas, Revlon, Janet, and Macks Marketing (Evangeline). In addition, qualify for free shipping, grab valuable vouchers and receive some birthday giveaways. Let’s take a look at the available product categories which offer discounts on health and beauty products.


Investing in skincare can do miracles for your overall appearance. Some may consider that continuing a skincare routine is high maintenance. However, that is not the case. It’s vital to have a skincare routine. However, it is also not as hard and time-consuming as you might think.

So, what products help to build a regular skincare routine? Our top picks are as follows;

  • A mild cleanser

For bright and beautiful facial skin, it’s vital to use a cleanser that suits your skin type. It’s way more beneficial than using whatever soap bar that’s lying around in your bathroom. Finding the perfect cleanser can be a process of trial and error, depending on your skin type. However, using a mild cleanser suited for all skin types can be a good place to start,

  • Toner

Use a toner regularly after washing your face morning and night to soothe and calm your facial skin. They contain ingredients to replenish the nutrients that may get washed away when you wash your face. In addition, it prepares your skin for moisturizing.

  • Moisturiser

Again you have to be conscious of your skin type before you settle on a perfect moisturizer. However, using a moisturizer daily can replenish the moisture in your skin and help smooth fine lines and get rid of dark spots.

  • A sun protection cream

As we live in a tropical country, naturally, it’s important to use sun cream in Sri Lanka. It helps to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

  • Body Lotion

Imagine having flawless facial skin and scaley and dry skin on your arms and legs. It doesn’t sound like a pretty sight, correct? So, it’s essential to take care of the skin on the rest of your body as much as your face.

Facial and body scrub

Add a complementary face and body scrub to get rid of those dead skin cells that keep building upon the upper layer of your skin. Thank us later when you get compliments for how gorgeous your skin is starting to look.


Bad hair days can be a total bummer. So, are you ready to celebrate more good hair days? If the answer is yes, it’s time to upgrade your hair care routine.

First, discover what type of hair you have. For example, do you have dry hair, or do you have oily hair? Once you identify this, you can easily shop for the correct shampoo and conditioner that will complement your hair. In addition, you can take into consideration whether you have straight, curly, or wavy hair. There are hair care products in the market to suit all hair types and textures. You just have to identify what suits you best.


Ever heard of the statement, “look good to feel good?” That’s the simplest way to explain how looking your best can boost your confidence and overall happiness. In addition, wearing cosmetics allows you to express your unique style and creativity.

The good news is cosmetics aren’t always as expensive as you might think. You can shop for a variety of quality cosmetics from your favourite brand at Daraz. Don’t forget to collect vouchers to avail discounts when you checkout.


You can look absolutely stunning, but if you carry around bad odour, the chances are that people would avoid you or make rude remarks about how bad you smell. So, to avoid that embarrassing situation, grab a deodorant that will eliminate all your woes about bad body odour.

Body Sprays

Just like deodorant, body sprays allow you to confidently go on about your day without having to worry about stinking in public. Furthermore, they come in many fragrances, and you can pick and choose the fragrance that defines your personality.

Tis’ the last day of our birthday sale. So, make the most out of the discounts available on health and beauty products online Daraz. Also, check out 7 Skincare Tips to Give you Glossy & Glowing Skin.

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