Make your house a beautiful home with the best home appliances brands!

Make your house a beautiful home with the best home appliances brands!

Best Home appliances brands are reliable and last for a while. After all, home appliances play a vital role in our day-to-day lives. In addition, as life is getting busier and stressful, home appliances can minimize our chores.

If you are looking for amazing deals on the best home appliances brands, we are glad to announce that the 11.11, the biggest one day sale of the year is starting on the 11th of November. You get unbelievable discounts and savings on the best home appliances brands in the market.

The following are some of the most reliable brands that you can consider if you are upgrading your home appliances to add a simple yet sophisticated look to your home!


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Ebsaw has a wealth of options if you have decided to take stock of your cookware. Their range of cookware has a ceramic coat that is non-toxic and eco-friendly, which is recommended for regular use. Furthermore, Ebsaw is an authorized distributor for home appliances with a brilliant performance. 

As we have seen a rigorous interest in cooking over the past year, most of our cooking utensils get scruffy for use. However, Ebsaw assures you the best and durable appliances perfect for your kitchen!


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Browns and company is a brand that makes an appearance in various sectors of the economy. They also have a subdivision dedicated to offering home solutions. 

If you have a garden with overgrown grass, you should definitely purchase a Brown’s Lion Brush cutter. It is a lightweight gadget that all homeowners should have to trim tall, lush grass within the garden. 

Furthermore, Browns have earned a flourishing place in the market to give customers a life of ease. Invest in this amazing Brown’s Lion Brush cutter to give a neater appearance to your landscape. 


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Richsonic is a brand that cultivates an affordable lifestyle. For instance, this Sandwich maker is an outstanding inclusion to your kitchen to make your breakfast unbelievably quick!

If you are a sandwich lover, then this appliance is just for you! Richsonic’s sandwich maker is easy to handle and clean. You need to ensure you get the right product that can hold out against the heat. However, this sandwich maker comes with an overheat safety protection and a cool-touch handle. 

You can make a grilled sandwich in a couple of minutes if you’re running late to head out. So, don’t forget to add this to your cart! 


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A washing machine is a lifesaver to all home-makers! Unfortunately, washing clothes by hand not only drains your energy, but it also consumes a lot of time. Fortunately, the invention of washing machines have made household chores less stressful, and it washes clothes without any damage.

Innovex has washing machines of world-class quality and is constructed with an elegant design along with a full plastic body that provides excellent performance. These washing machines come with great features to help you complete your chores fast! In addition, Innovex is a brand that offers many home appliances from TV’s, Air conditioners and Ovens. Get the best discounts on Innovex products during the 11.11 sale.


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Samsung is a successful international brand that has mastery over products that aligns with your lifestyle. 

Modernize your kitchen with smart and hi-tech appliances that do not compromise on the freshness of your food. This Side by side refrigerator is extremely spacious, which allows you to store a large volume of edibles. There is a unique feature which is described as the deodorizing filter, which eradicates strong odours. 

Enjoy the whirlwind performance of this refrigerator that guarantees durability. It is a valuable addition to your kitchen space.

Laksela Lifestyle Store

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You can cook moist and delicious rice using the rice cooker for lunch! You no longer have to worry about overcooked or undercooked rice because the automated feature does the job!

There are countless perks of using a rice cooker, where you get to choose from premium to economical prices. However, The Laksela lifestyle store on the Daraz app has rice cookers and other home appliances for reasonable prices that effectively remove the struggles of cooking and other household chores.


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Abans offers products that are of value for money to match your needs! Upgrade to a smart TV that allows you to enjoy content with advanced functionalities. Take your visual experience to the next level with Aban’s smart TV. These TVs are built in a simple yet polished design.

The 32-inch LED TV has a higher resolution display that allows you to enjoy your favourite TV show or play that adventurous game you like. Shop Abans during the 11.11 sale to avail discounts on many of their home appliances.


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You should install a dynamic home theatre system if you have a significant space that you are hoping to transform in order to give a theatrical experience.

LG has a marvellous home theatre system that you can set up in your home. However, due to social distancing, going to the cinemas are pretty risky. That is exactly why you should purchase this to curl yourself up on a couch and binge-watch your preferred TV show! 

The LG store is a certified seller on the Daraz app that offers you 100% authentic products. Did you know that you can get up to 65% on selected products? Go, build your cart right away! 

The elevation of technology and innovation has made home appliances easy to use, making our daily routine convenient. Daraz has some exciting news for you! Did you know that the world’s biggest sale is approaching? 11.11 is a few weeks away! Purchase from our brand partners EBSAW, BROWNS, Richsonic, Den-b, Innovex, Samsung, Laksela Lifestyle, Abans, LG and get up to 65% off. Moreover, you can stand a chance to win exciting vouchers! So, download the Daraz App and start shopping now!

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