Connect to the world with the latest tech devices Available on Daraz

Connect to the world with the latest tech devices Available on Daraz

Are you searching for the latest tech devices that can make your life more simple? Read on to find out about the deals and discount offers 11.11 has in store for the Techie souls out there.

Daraz has a futuristic range of the latest tech devices to support while you work remotely! As technology is consistently improving, we need to keep up with the pace as well.

The perfect time to grab your electronic devices is just weeks away. You get to witness the world’s biggest sale 11:11 is starting in November, where you will discover over 3 million products and receive uncountable perks. So Download the Daraz app now and stay tuned with us!

In this post, we are going to list six brand partners that are specialized in producing unique and versatile electronic devices. The best part is, they will be offering up to 65% Off and free shipping. So let’s take a look at them.


Acer is a multinational company that concentrates on hardware and advanced electronic technology. If you are seeking a high-performance laptop, Acer is where you should head towards. According to the reports, Acer marks as the world’s 6th largest PC vendor as of 2021. 

The Acer Aspire 5 A515 was unveiled to the market with an Intel Core i3 processor, which has a decent processing capability that generates moderate performance for general use. 

In addition, the laptop has a full-HD screen that enhances the quality of the content you’re to watch! 


Apple is a successful brand due to the continuous development of its products. We wouldn’t have iPhones and Macbooks if not for the innovation of new updates and Apple’s divergent mindset to construct devices that make technology accessible for its loyal customers.

The latest Apple MacBook Pro comes with a turbo chip that has the maximum CPU performance. The Apple M1 is a sole chip that consists of countless technology that improves the efficiency of the device.

There is an amazing feature that will tempt you to obtain one for yourself! Did you know that the power of this MacBook lasts for up to 20 hours? Therefore, the device is believed to be the first device in the history of Apple to have a long battery life as such! 

Furthermore, an attribute that contributes to the success of apple is the user experience and the customer service. Their products are easy-to-use and have a user-friendly interface, which is why most of us would never think twice before we purchase products from Apple.


Dell has a range of laptops that will support us to break all the digital barriers. As they are known for reliability and durability, you should opt for a Dell laptop! It is a great long-term investment for you! 

If you are upgrading your laptop, you certainly should consider the Dell Vostro 14 that offers wonderful dual drives up to 2 TB 5400 rpm Hard Drive and up to 1 TB SSD.

There are some impressive aspects of the Dell Vostro 14, such as the ability to charge the laptop within an hour and a powerful processor that will aid you to hustle throughout your day!


The Canon Pixma E470 is an all-in-one tool where you can print, scan and copy documents easily at home. Canon is a brand that takes part in capturing the precious moments in your life, and they also provide digital printing solutions. Moreover, It saves you printing costs and time as opposed to visiting a printing store! 

Purchase this super wonderfully durable printer that saves a lot of space and does not require much to install external scan machines and so much more! Receive free shipping and discounts up to 65% off on selected products when you shop at Canon during the 11.11 sale!

Western Digital

Western Digital is a company that offers seamless options for technological and storage devices.

A hard disk is an important element that you should own to save your important documents or any significant content. Western Digital provides a selection of hard disks that starts from 1 TB to 5 TB storage space. 

This is an external hard drive that has a superspeed USB portal which comes along with an automatic backup. So, grab this hard disk to save key files and documents on the go. 


Finally, we have a sophisticated monitor with a dual purpose where you can work and play! Lenovo has sustained itself in the technology business for decades. Their products are unimaginably high in quality and are absolutely value for money.

They have launched Lenovo D24-20 for an affordable price. It has a stately design with borderless bezels and a circular stand to give a modern look to it. As always, Lenovo is known for its longevity. They have earned customers’ trust by delivering the best products in the market. 

Over the past two years, we have seen a drastic increase in technology usage. As we have adapted to the digital world we rely upon technology on a daily basis which is why we need to ensure that the electronic devices we use are of the best quality and conditions.

Check out our prestigious brand partners Apple, Acer, Dell, Western Digital, Canon, and Lenovo on the Daraz app to get your computer and laptop essentials sorted!

If you are planning to purchase all your tech devices, we have good news for you! You have the opportunity to receive unbelievable discounts and more as the world’s largest sale is approaching.

Well, you guessed it right! 11:11 is just around the corner, so don’t forget to Daraz app to discover an innumerable range of products.

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