Save Big on Handbags and Travel Bags Online Sri Lanka This 11.11

Save Big on Handbags and Travel Bags Online Sri Lanka This 11.11

Handbags and travel bags Online will always be in popular demand as long as the world keeps turning. Therefore when we hear about handbags online sales, it’s quite natural to get super excited. So, with less than two weeks to go for 11.11, the world’s biggest one day sale, it’s time to get ready to shop till you drop. You can save up to 50% off on handbags and travel bags online. If that doesn’t get all you fashionistas seeking to mix and match your outfits with the perfect bags jumping with joy, we don’t know what does.

Are you looking for massive discounts on handbags and travel bags online? In that case, continue reading to find out which bags and brands will be at discounted rates during this 11.11 sale.

Daraz 11.11 is going to explode the world of online shopping from 11th November with over 50 Million in Savings across 3 Million Products. Further, there will be Mega Deals, super fun games and you get to win exciting giveaways. You can also get an Extra 12% off on bank cards with up to 60-month instalment plans. So, Download the Daraz App now and join the 11.11 Shopping Adventure!

Travel Bags

Are you trying to find ways to deal with your baggage? Then you definitely need a versatile and reliable travel bag in your life. Travel bags are luggage that comes in a range of sizes, shapes, capacities, and styles. The variety includes suitcases, duffel bags, and backpacks are all examples of travel bags that serve a variety of purposes. These travel bags are useful in many more ways than just accompanying you on your trips. They may also be used for various other purposes. For example, when not in use, the bags can be used as a storage space for all the extras in your household.  

The featured travel bag on the image is a multi-purpose suitcase from P.G. Martin. Whether you want to carry all your necessities on a weekend trip or your adventures overseas, the ideal ergonomic bag is right here. In addition, check out P G Martin amazing deals and discounts on business bags, laptop bags, crossbody bags, fashion wallets and any bag of your desire during the 11.11 sale.

Casual Bags

A casual bag is a must-have accessory in any woman’s wardrobe. Therefore, it is a quintessential element that should occupy every ladies arm. A casual bag is one that is simple but stylish. In addition, it has to be able to carry all your essentials and still make a fashion statement. So, if you are in search of trendy casual bags, log in to the Daraz app and check out IELGY. They have plenty of casual bags, as well as bags that are suited for more formal occasions. They also have plenty of cute satchels and side bags for girls. So, if you want to set a casual and stylish vibe, you can grab up to 50% off from IELGY. Also, watch out for free shipping during 11.11.

Bags For Men

Men require bags to transport their baggage as much as women need them. It all depends on where you’re off to, what you’re hauling, and your final destination. 

Some types of bags for men are backpacks, briefcases, crossbody bags, and gym bags. Also, the range of colours, materials and sizes vary across bags. When it comes to choosing a crossbody bag like the one featured in this image, there are a few things to keep in mind: the Style and the Size. There are crossbody bags that come in wallet size, and then there are also ones that are the size of a messenger bag. These are quite attractive accessories that complement any outfit. Visit the EsoGoal flagship store on Daraz to take a look at the crossbody bags they have.


Backpacks are compact, basic, and practical bags that are ideal for carrying anything from textbooks, clothes, and technological gadgets on a daily basis. Therefore, backpacks are used for travel, hiking, and they are incredibly popular, whether you are taking a short trip or a long journey. They are also great bags to take to school, university or even to work. These bags come in various colours and designs, so you can choose the bag that vibe with your style. Check out Bostanten on Daraz and explore the variety of stylish bags they have.

Hand Bags

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