Biggest Sale of Mother and Baby Products Online Daraz

Biggest Sale of Mother and Baby Products Online Daraz

If you are a mom in Sri Lanka, you can certainly appreciate discounts on mother and baby products online. Being a mother is a one-of-a-kind experience that differs from person to person, and there are a bunch of surprises and milestones that you will witness during this journey!

Have you been waiting for a big sale of Mother and Baby Products Online? Continue reading to find out where you can score the biggest discounts on mother and baby products.

We know that you ensure that you choose the right products to nurture your baby. Also, always remember that quality overtakes quantity when it comes to baby-related items. Therefore, Daraz always partners with certified manufactures and distributors to offer you the best products!

As you may notice, baby products are pretty pricey, which is why the world’s biggest sale, 11:11 is here, so you can avail yourself massive discounts while you make your purchases!

During this 11:11 sale, you get to discover over 3 million products for the best prices in town. Stay tuned because Daraz has some fun giveaways, and you can also win free vouchers! You can find all you need during the world’s biggest sale.

Motherhood is a surreal experience, and it’s a blessing! As many mothers are overwhelmed by this transition, Daraz has a list of fantastic products to make this journey blissful and exciting, earn up to 60% off on selected products, and get free shipping exclusively on the Daraz app! Visit the Daraz app to purchase all your baby care products. So let’s get started!


When you are shopping for your newborn, your cart will always have diapers. Newborn babies have delicate and sensitive skin. Therefore, it’s crucial to opt for diapers that don’t irritate the skin.

You supposedly would not prefer your baby to remain cranky and irritated the whole day. This is why you shouldn’t forget to change your baby’s diaper every two hours to prevent allergies and diaper rashes.

You should get a stock of diapers and Daraz has premium diaper brands such as Velona cuddles, Marvel baby, Drypers, Softlove,  Mamypoko, and  Huggies that you can rely on and purchase at an affordable price because choosing the right diaper plays an important part in your baby’s health. Also, we assure you that your baby will be chirpy and happy!

Baby Toiletries

Finding the perfect range of baby toiletries for most new parents could be a daunting task.

There are a few aspects to look at when buying baby care products closely, especially do not be deceived by fancy labels. Instead, it would help if you read the labels to ensure the products contain as natural ingredients as possible. You must also seek products that will retain the moisture of your baby’s delicate skin.

Apart from that, make sure you go for products that are from acclaimed brands such as Baby Cheramy, Panda baby, Mama Earth, Pears baby, Rebecca Baby, and Kohomaba baby. These brands are mild yet effective and suit your babies’ needs.

Baby Formula

Nursing your baby is a blessed experience that a mother would cherish for a lifetime. However, it’s a choice. Additionally, for some unfortunate reasons, some mothers are unable to produce milk due to lactation issues and other reasons. However, Introducing baby formula is a healthy substitute.

Baby formula contains vitamins and nutrients that will supplement the baby in support of breastmilk. You can purchase renowned brands like Enfa Grow, Pediasure, Lactogrow, Nangrow, and Sustangen that don’t comprise the quality and goodness of their products.

If you are a busy mama, you can use these baby formulas for convenience. Anybody can feed your baby at any time, especially when you’re not around. So it comes in a package of convenience and flexibility to support our busy lives, ensuring our babies are healthy!

Baby Food

Introducing solids to your baby for the first time could be mind throbbing but don’t worry, we have some exciting meal options to master your little ones’ meal time.

This milestone could be messy but interestingly fun. Babies predominantly intake solids from 4 months to 6months onwards. But here’s the deal, you should not overfeed the baby, nor should you rush the process.

Moreover, this is a process of getting your baby acquainted with the taste and texture of food, so start small!  Your baby has a series of flavors and textures to explore, make it exciting by incorporating brands such as Cow and Gate, Ceregrow and  Belly bees to delight your little one’s taste buds!

Feeding Bottles

Whether you are nursing your baby with breast milk or formula, you should be mindful of having the appropriate feeding bottles in order to serenely feed the baby.

Although you nurse your baby using feeding bottles, ensure you sterilize and clean them thoroughly. Also, bottle feeding is another great way to bond if your baby!

When you are bottle-feeding, you can monitor the amount of milk the baby gets per feeding. It also helps you understand if the little one is feeling full.

Check out Farlin, Avent, and linberry to purchase your babies’ feeding bottles. Guess what? You can also get up to 65% on selected products, so don’t miss the chance!


Has your baby started crawling? A playpen is worthy of purchasing because you can keep your little one is moving around too much. This will keep them occupied with toys.

If you think a playpen requires a lot of space, you’re certainly wrong! They can be packed away and are absolutely safe. While you’re busy with your household chores, you can keep your baby entertained in a playpen.

Why would you leave the playpen empty when you can simply transform it into a play area with toys? All you have to do is to visit the Pococasa store on the Daraz app to buy this!

Daraz is with you to make your baby essentials shopping experience convenient. So don’t forget to check out our brand partners Enfagrow A+, Baby Cheramy, Panda Baby, Farlin, Kids Joy, Velona Cuddles, Marvel Baby, Cow & Gate,  Lactogrow, Drypers , Nangrow, Avent, Pediasure, Pears Baby, Enfa Mama, Sustagen Junior, Pococasa, Mamypoko, Ceregrow, Linberry, Mama Earth, Natures Way, Kids Smart, Huggies, Khomba Baby, Rebecca Lee, Bellybees, Softlove.

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