Get Big Savings on Camera and Accessory Brands

Get Big Savings on Camera and Accessory Brands

Camera and accessory brands are some of the most sought-after products by photography enthusiasts. Daraz has a range of camera options to make your camera dream a reality. This is especially true if you are a photography enthusiast.

Have you been browsing through camera and accessory brands to buy your next camera? We’re counting days for the world’s biggest sale 11:11. It is a revolutionary online sale across the world that offers over 3 million products with unbelievable discounts. You surely wouldn’t have witnessed a massive sale like this ever before, so save the date on the 11th of November to grab all that you want! 

11:11 is the biggest sale in Sri Lanka, where you can save big and buy more! Are you still confused about which camera and accessory brand you’d like to settle for? Continue reading to find out which camera and accessory brand would offer the best discounts. So let’s get started!


Photography is a form of art that requires a lens to please the eyes of the beholder. Canon’s approach in producing cameras for decades has been more of automation and in-house production.

Furthermore, Canon has its own production line of tools and devices and specific systems to terminate waste as it is the most effective way than purchasing from vendors. Plus, Canon’s on a mission of automating the production line that does not stand in need of human intervention.

Canon is known for its symbolic range of cameras that fulfill the purpose of capturing the most precious moments in life.

However, features such as the optical viewfinder allow every detail to be perceived in depth. Furthermore, they come with 4K movies for exceptional clarity and a moveable screen with a Vari-angle to make you capture selfies with a creative angle. Also, you can shoot high-resolution pictures with a Canon camera.


SJCAM has made a revolutionary initiative in the world of photography with its Action Cameras. These cameras are widely popular amongst adventure freaks who are engaged in activities like swimming, surfing, or any kind of water sport. Therefore, these cameras are essentially waterproof.

An attribute that contributes to the uniqueness of this device is the extra protection layers incorporated to protect the lenses as well as the body of the camera. In addition to that, you do not have to use it without protective cases.

Moreover, users of action cameras are more likely to move, jump and climb whilst they are filming. Hence there is an Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) technology to minimize the blurring and support capturing high-quality images during motion. They’re absolutely easy to use and can be used to film from different angles.


GoPro is a leading brand that is designed to make us capture every moment of our lives! This device is predominately used by content creators. It’s also a popular choice among travellers, so they don’t have to carry the traditional cameras wherever you go.

Although they’re miniature and lightweight, the quality of the camera is remarkably outstanding. These cameras can go anywhere. In addition, they also come with an ultra-wide-angle to create an immersive look. And we are not forgetting the color balance, which produces visuals with excellent quality.  The go-pro comes along with abundant virtues that are perfect for capturing any moment!


How can you miss out on a crucial element to store and save your media? MIXZA has memory cards that provide a storage capacity of up to 12 GB. While your camera holds an inbuilt memory, you may look out for memory cards to expand the storage space.

External storage accessories are helpful and allow photographers to take more photos! Something that any photographer wouldn’t want to experience is losing all those media files or photographs, and in order to avoid that drama, you should get your hands on storage accessories. Explore the MIXZA flagship store on Daraz during 11.11 to get up to 60% off on Flash drives, ethernet cables, SD cards and many more useful accessories for the ardent photographer.


Kingston is a dedicated brand that offers USB drives to store videos, photos, and many more. All their products are designed to last long.

Besides, one of the drivers to the success of their company would always be the quality of their products. Their USB drives give great value for money and are the most affordable device with decent storage capacity. Check their store on the Daraz app if you wish to shop!

Daraz partners with authentic and certified sellers and manufacturers to offer the best yet affordable products. Furthermore, during the world’s biggest sale, you get to discover over 3 million products, isn’t that exciting?

Get your camera devices and accessories from the Daraz app, and don’t forget to purchase from our leading brand partners Canon, Kingston, GoPro, SJCAM, and MIXZA.

If you are considering gifting yourself something valuable, 11:11 sale is the best time to do it! Get your pre-Christmas gifts during this sale and stand a chance to win gifts and vouchers! Not only are you eligible to win, but you can also receive free shipping for selected products because Daraz wants nothing but the best for our loyal customers.

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