Sri Lanka’s Best Motor Care Solution Providers For Vehicle Longevity

Sri Lanka’s Best Motor Care Solution Providers For Vehicle Longevity

We have lined up a list of the best motor care solutions providers in the country on this post. So, if you are out looking for motor care equipment continue reading.

There are a few areas to closely monitor, such as safety, comfort, and more maintenance for the longevity of your vehicle. The proper motor care will ensure that your vehicle keeps running for decades.

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DEMAK Sri Lanka 

Fortunately, DEMAK Sri Lanka provides all kinds of solutions, such as, protecting your vehicle against your biggest enemies like theft, sun, or any other damage.

There are many ways to conserve your car’s value and maintain its condition by using a car cover. A well-known attribute of car covers is that it keeps your vehicle clean. Therefore, you save ample time from cleaning regularly.

Moreover, you may find many options in the market, but you would also realize that most of them would be flabby covers at a bargain. This is why DEMAK has introduced covers that are 100% heatproof that will protect your car against the temperature of the UV rays. In addition, they have incorporated durable fabrics for prolonged usage.


Alto Back D Garnish

A true benefit of modifying your car is, it extends to offering additional protection. The AMW Mall on the Daraz app offers a one-stop shopping experience to obtain all requisite car modification parts with exemplary quality.

A car imparts one of the most outstanding experiences to simplify your daily tasks; therefore, you need to ensure that you carry out the best practices to maintain its functionalities and keep it running for long!

AMW aims to hand out a stable range of essential materials to improve the appearance as well as the performance of your car.


Give your car a spa treatment at home! STP has comprehensive options available for automotive care. Furthermore, their products support an improved engine that would run longer.

They have been existing in the automotive care industry for over 60 years and continue to produce products that cater to clean and enhance the life of your vehicles.

Most car owners struggle with seeking ways to keep the vehicle clean, also bear in mind that washing your exterior with water is not the easiest escape. That being the case, STP has polishing creams to other cleansing products for thorough cleaning purposes.

SAFA Motors

Riding gears are ‘must haves’  if you own a bike. After all, safety comes first.

Bikers are usually prone to accidents. Hence SAFA Motors has designed its bike gear with paddings that protect the most vulnerable areas, such as the head, elbows, hands and it further prevents bruises and burnings that are caused by accidents.

Moreover, the wind, heat, and bugs are a few environmental elements that affect a rider massively. Hence it is critical to consider purchasing riding gear from the SAFA Motor store on the Daraz app that serves the purposes of safety and comfort.


WD-40 offers you products to smoothen your tasks, especially if you have a garage! If you want to rebuild your rusty garage, automotive solutions to your car or any other materials, WD-40 has products such as penetrating oil, lubricant, cleaner to extract dirt or protect against rust.

You can simply eliminate friction, so you can use your tools and equipment with the help of these products. WD-40 products are in high demand as it’s used for maintenance purposes and will help to keep your car running smoothly! 

It is crucial to maintain your vehicles to ensure it runs efficiently for years! More amazingly, Daraz has partnered with some leading brands such as DEMAK Sri Lanka, AMW, WD-40, SAFA MOTORS, and STP that will provide you with the best maintenance products to extend the life of your vehicles!

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