Time to Get Big Discounts on House Cleaning Products

Time to Get Big Discounts on House Cleaning Products

There is no doubt that we come in contact with house cleaning products on a daily basis as we attend to our household chores. However, the holiday season is around the corner, and it’s time to elevate your spring cleaning game. Soon enough, visitors will come in and out of the house, bringing the Christmas and New Year vibes. Moreover, if you are hosting the Christmas lunch or dinner this year for your family, your house has to look clean enough to make a good impression.

Are you on the lookout for house cleaning products to clean up your house before the holidays arrive? In that case, you would be excited to know that the 11.11 sale is just around the corner.

From November 11th, Daraz 11.11 will blow up the world of online shopping with over $50 million in savings across 3 million products. There will also be Mega Deals, incredibly fun activities, and chances to win spectacular prizes. You can also save an extra 12% on bank cards with payment plans of up to 60 months. So, get the Daraz App today and join the 11.11 Shopping Adventure!

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some products that will go on discounted rates during 11.11. Therefore, if you are planning to save big by stocking up on these house cleaning products, make the most of this opportunity.

Tile Cleaners

Tiles are difficult to clean because they have a rough surface that binds dirt strong enough, it takes quite an effort to clean them. However,  a good tile cleaner can assist you in cleaning a dirty floor in no time. It is generally utilized as a deep cleaning option. Shop during 11.11 to purchase tile cleaner from the Daraz 11.11 Sale for the lowest price and save up to 50% on your bill. So, don’t waste any more time and add this fantastic product to your shopping cart.

Recycle Bins

We all know that recycling reduces pollution. Therefore, do your part in protecting the environment by disposing of household waste in an organised manner. Shop during 11.11 to avail big discounts on bins and other plastic products you can use to keep your home clean.


What makes regular cleaning more effective? It’s the cleaning equipment you use to keep the space clean. If your living space is dusty or if you have pets that shed hair, a worn-out broom can be a nightmare. In such an instance, changing your overused broom to a high-quality, heavy-duty broom will be a wise move.

Brooms with various types of bristles are available on the market. Plastic, feather, and brooms made of synthetic materials are some of the options. If you’re choosing a synthetic broom, be sure it has enough rows of synthetic bristles to catch dust in every crevice.  The right broom will make your cleaning tasks that much easier.

Mops and Mop Buckets

After sweeping the floor to get rid of the dust, the next step is obviously mopping the area to get all the dirt and the germs off the surface. This is the time when the mops and mop buckets come to your rescue. Finally, ensure you use a disinfectant or a tile cleaner to leave your floor spick and span.

Glass Cleaner

A spray bottle of glass cleaner can come in handy in nearly any home. However, if you are looking to give your mirrors, glass surfaces on the tables and the windows a streak-free finish, it’s essential to incorporate a glass cleaner into your cleaning routine. Therefore, if you are out to purchase cleaning products, then make sure to add a glass cleaner to your cart to go along with your glass cleaner spray.

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