House Cleaning Checklist for a Spick-and-Span Home This Holidays

House Cleaning Checklist for a Spick-and-Span Home This Holidays

House cleaning is a chore that we cannot neglect. It only becomes more prominent during the festive season because more guests will visit your home.

Are you ready to get your house cleaning done for the season? In that case, we have a checklist ready to go.

It’s that time of year once more. You’ll be preoccupied with finding gifts for the one’s you love. You’ll also need to choose the ideal decorating to create a festive atmosphere in your home. You could be daydreaming about the fantastic party you’ll have with your family. You must also pay attention to Christmas cleaning among the numerous tasks you must attend to throughout the holiday season. Whether you like it or not, you must ensure that your home is immaculately clean in order to host a Christmas gathering.

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Without further ado, let’s look at the house cleaning checklist before the festivities commence.

Brush Off Cobwebs

With Christmas nearing, we know we need to start getting those clearing the corners of our wall, our fans, and all the places we may have unintentionally missed out on before! But finding the perfect equipment is sometimes challenging- if the equipment is long enough to help you reach those high surfaces, they are sometimes inconveniently long to be stored. This is where products such as our Cob Web brush feather comes to your rescue! Furthermore, a two-meter adjustable length and self-locking strategy provide extra flexibility and enable easy storage.


Is the dust interfering with your plans to throw Christmas parties? Say no more! Our imported and bendable duster allows you to clean not only fans, household items and office spaces but also your cars and SUVs.  It’s one item with a wide variety of applications. Purchase this right away for a dust-free and cleaner space.

Clean The Floors

Use our cotton feather mop to keep your tiles, windows and floors shining this Christmas! Furthermore, it is manufactured with the top graded plastic material and high-water absorbency and retention properties. Therefore, this product will stay intact and keep your house cleaner and dust-free for many more festive seasons to come!


Cleaning up for New Year but don’t know where to stack your items? Get a Pheonix 5 litre storage box to stack away from the heavy items in your household without damage. Then, organize, get rid of junk and say yes to New Year resolutions to keep a clean and tidy home throughout next year.

Clean up Bathrooms

Let’s be honest, bathrooms are one of the least fun places to clean, and hence, we prefer to be extra cautious with regards to the equipment we purchase- because that’s the last place you want an unhygienic mess! However, our toilet brush with a holder will certainly make this process easier. It has a long handle for easier reach, a sealed holder that accumulates leaks for quick disposal, and a decent look, so you don’t have to bother hiding it!

Hope you can get your Christmas cleaning checklist ticked off in time for the festive gatherings. Don’t forget to check out Everything You Need to Lay Out the Perfect Christmas Dining Table.

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