7 Must-Have Electronic Equipment for the New Year

7 Must-Have Electronic Equipment for the New Year

The New year is almost here, and it’s about time you got some new electronic equipment. Continue reading to find out our top 7 picks for the must-have electronic gadgets for the new year.

Looking for electronic equipment that would help add to the positivity of the upcoming year? Ahead, we have listed 7 electronic items that would make your life easier in 2022.

Most of us find it difficult to register that we’ll be living in 2022 in just a couple of days. And that gets us into questioning if it was the virus and the lockdowns, or if it was just us? While dwelling on the past may not be the best idea, you can extract lessons and make sure you don’t repeat the same mistakes again.

We have picked out 7 must-have electronic equipment for the new year to make it more eventful, convenient, and memorable.

Portable Charger

Who are we kidding? Living in Sri Lanka comes with quite a lot of power cuts, and some of them are quite spontaneous. But with everything going digital, this can be a real bummer. There’s not a lot we can do if our laptops and phones run out of charge.  Hence, a portable charger or what you may call a power bank has recently become essential. In addition, they also help you to work still at your own place, without constantly having to move every time it runs out of battery.

Wireless Headphones

Wired headphones restrict your movement a lot. And if you are a physically active worker or a gamer, you’ve probably come to realize the importance of wireless devices.  And its benefits don’t limit to the aspect of certain activities. For example, are you looking to go on adventures this new year? Or adapt a proper gym routine? These headphones have their batteries for power supply and you can carry them in your luggage to accompany you wherever you may go.

Smart Safe

Smart Safe

Smart electronic cabinets and locks replace the need for keys, spare keys, and traditional padlocks. These utilize biometric technology with rapid identification functions. How many of us drive away and suddenly fall into question if we’ve locked our doors and kept our treasured cabinets safe? Having these smart security gadgets allow you to check through your phone.  With its sensitive features and AI intelligent chips, these can record, splice, and compare fingerprints to help you get through your year with peace of mind. Your personal spaces can’t get more secure.

Tripods and Stabilizers

Being positive and planning for the new year might also give you more reasons to be prepared for lots of records of good memories. And to us, this means, while you live in the moment, also make sure you get good pictures, videos and vlogs, so you can look back in future and smile at your past years. Achieving this is made easier with a tripod. Are you the type of person to have fun on your own? Or feel like the people you surround yourself with aren’t good photographers to capture your moments? However, with a tripod, you are less likely to have bad photos. Prevent sharp movements, set the timer, angle it yourself, and take your perfect pictures!


If you want to decrease your smartphone reliance, you can do that with a smartwatch. Smartwatches connect with their smartphones, allowing you to check your notifications on your wrist. If you prioritize productivity and speed, now you don’t have to constantly spend time unlocking your phone every time you’re looking for something.  Allowing you to listen to music, navigate GPS, and even designed to be waterproof, these electronic gadgets go beyond serving the primary purpose of watches.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Unless we live in a residential area, at some point or another, we always hear buses passing by. If not them, loud motorbikes and the unpleasant sounds of the local traffic. And sometimes even the kids next door crying or our neighbors playing cricket. We may not even have noticed the noise pollution before, as much as we have during the lockdown years. And whether we realize it or not, this definitely has a negative impact on our productivity. Noise-cancelling headphones can help a great deal in this regard. Designed to be multi-functional, they allow you to listen to music at its best. Additionally, they also help you attend your meetings smoothly by transmitting only your voice. 

Coffee Maker

Sometimes we over-work ourselves and feel like we don’t have the time to go and make ourselves a cup of coffee. Do you wish for energizing boosts without having to invest the effort, in order to keep yourself going this new year? If this sounds like you, a coffee machine may be a great addition to your household or workplace. With coffee that’s made for your taste, look forward to a more enlivened and productive lifestyle.

If you think you’d find these devices handy for your new year, save up by purchasing on Daraz with our exclusive new year offers. In the meantime, if you’re on the lookout for a reasonable headphone, make sure to check our blog on Make A “Sound Investment” on Over-Ear Headphones – Daraz Blog and let us know what you think!

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