Master your Skincare Routine at Home for Flawless Skin

Master your Skincare Routine at Home for Flawless Skin

Master your skincare routine at home without having to spend on expensive treatments constantly. Dermatologists believe that a consistent routine is only as good as the products used. Therefore, we’re here to help you pick the right ones. Whether natural or artificial, the wrong beauty products could be harmful or ineffective on your skin. If clear skin is on your goal list for the New Year, here’s to being positive that you can achieve it.

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Let’s start with the 7 must-haves in your beauty kit.  Thereafter, we can move on to making a worthwhile investment in these skincare products available in Sri Lanka.


Toners are one of the essential beauty products for flawless skin. Designed to restore your skin’s pH level, smoothen skin texture, and improve skin tone, these pave the way to get clear skin fast. So whether you have acne-prone skin, oily skin, or wear makeup often, using a toner comes with numerous benefits.

Haven’t heard of this before and not sure about how to use a toner? All you have to do is soak a cotton ball with toner and gently wipe your face every morning and night. If your routine includes moisturizers and other treatments, continue with them after the application of the toner. They will now be absorbed quicker into the layers and accelerate the process for the results!

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The advantages of Moisturizers include raising water levels in the outermost layer of the skin to fight against dryness. In addition, they also help the skin look healthier, with anti-wrinkling properties. The application of a moisturizer doesn’t take much effort. All that’s required is to apply a pea-sized droplet onto the area you want to be moisturized and massage in circular motions until fully absorbed.

Moisturizers are highly recommended, especially if you have dry skin. It transforms it into normal skin by its hydrating power. You can find some of the highly recommended moisturizers for dry skin from brands like Cetaphil, Neutrogena, and CeraVe. At Daraz, we have the best moisturizers for the face, combination skin, oily skin, and even moisturizers for men.


While sunscreens are commonly known to block the harmful impacts of the sun rays, they come with multiple other unsaid benefits. They also have anti-ageing properties, decrease the risk of skin cancer and reduce skin reactions to certain medications. The extent of a sunscreen’s sun protection capacity is determined by the abbreviation ‘SPF’ (Sun Protection Factor). And as for Sri Lankans, it’s recommended to choose SPF 50 and above.

Sunscreens are not only available in the form of cream- but they also come as lotions, gels, sticks, sprays, and sunscreen lip balms. Make sure to check the sunscreen ingredients if you’re allergic to something. One of the highly recommended sunscreen brands by dermatologists is Neutrogena Sunscreen.  Apply 30 minutes before exposure to the sun to experience the benefits of this product.


Cleansers are widely available and manufactured for all types of skins, whether it’s cleansers for dry skin, oily, acne, or combination skin. Cleansers with salicylic acid are recommended for oily skin types and brightening jelly cleansers for normal skin. But purchasing the wrong cleanser can also strip off the natural oils from the skin, making it more prone to damage. The best cleanser is a gentle cleanser that gets rid of impurities but keeps the skin hydrated. Regarding how to use a cleanser, all you have to do is wet your face, squeeze a little onto your hands, massage, and rinse with clean water.

Vitamin C Serum

Many dermatologists recommend the usage of Vitamin C serums regardless of skin type. The benefits of Vitamin C serum are vast. They include skin brightening, healing skin surface, stimulating collagen production, increasing circulation, and also anti-aging properties. Skin surfaces can only absorb a certain extent of Vitamin C. Therefore; these serums are to be used only a drop or two a day.  Vitamin C serum price in Sri Lanka varies from product to product. Select from a wide range of best Vitamin C products, and have an eye on the discounts offered by Daraz for the New Year.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is one of the most important ingredients that should be incorporated into your skincare routine. The benefits of hyaluronic acid (HA) are many. It helps to tighten skin texture, fix faded pigmentation, and enhance the suppleness leading to beautiful skin. It also helps prevent dark spots, fine lines, and dry skin by adding hydration. Moreover,  it slows down the deterioration of the lipid barrier on skin surfaces. These impacts heal acne-prone skin. To find products that include this ingredient, you may also search by its abbreviation “HA”.

Clay Mask

Clay masks are popularly known to be a solution for oily and acne-prone skin, helping achieve clear and smooth skin. These masks absorb oil and bacteria, preventing acne, blackheads, and whiteheads. Moreover, these are also used for hair treatments. There is a good deal of clay masks, with their own mineral elements and benefits. Some of the varieties are kaolin clay, bentonite, fuller’s earth, and Rhassoul clay. They may also be labelled as mud packs. In addition, Fuller’s Earth face pack/mask has a slight bleaching effect on the skin.

We hope this article helped you decide on choosing the right beauty products for a desirable glow-up. In the meantime, if you’re looking for an anti-aging cream, don’t miss out on our guide on the Best Anti Wrinkle cream in Sri Lanka For Youthful-Looking Skin.

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