Handbag Trends of 2022 That Will Set You Apart From The Crowd

Handbag Trends of 2022 That Will Set You Apart From The Crowd

Handbag trends of 2022 will no doubt give your outfit a major boost. Therefore keeping up with the latest designs in handbags is as important as keeping up with the latest styles in clothing.

Are you curious about the handbag trends of 2022? Then, continue reading to find out the fashionable bags that are trending in runways worldwide.

What Handbags Are in Style For 2022?

 Bags were at the bottom of our shopping priorities at the start of 2021, owing to the covid outbreak. Furthermore, everyone was reluctant to leave their homes due to safety. So, this year will be the year you can make up for the lost time.

Picking out the right bag can be a difficult task whether you’re looking to buy, explore, or gift. There are so many options out there. Therefore, you might not have the time to look at all of them.  So, we are here to give you some quality recommendations on which handbag styles you should go for this year.

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Let’s take a look at some of the handbag trends of 2022.

Small Handheld Bags

The mini-bag fashion from the year 2019 has reached a new level of mini-ness. If you are not in the mood to carry a lot of things the small handheld bag is the perfect addition to your bag collection. The small grab-and-go companion makes for a perfect fit if you are out to lunch with your friends or making a quick run to the grocery store. Therefore if you don’t have a handheld bag, it’s about time you acquired one because these bags are going to be a hit this year.

Oversized Bags

An extra-large handbag is ideal for people who have a lot to carry (like most of us ladies). The large bag styles for 2022 are both structured and unstructured, as seen at famous designer runways for Spring/Summer 2022. Furthermore, they can be neutral or consist of vibrant multicolored designs. This utilitarian bag trend may last as long as it wants, whether it’s an enormous bag tucked under your arm or a shoulder bag.

Shoulder Bags

Shoulder bags are fashionable and multifunctional. Furthermore, they may help you diversify your handbag assortment. Shoulder bags are a great choice because they are so versatile. Therefore, they are appropriate for both casual and formal occasions. They may also easily fit all of your everyday necessities. There’s a reason why shoulder bags are so popular. First, they are lightweight so it’s comfortable to carry them. In addition, they provide a hands-free experience. On top of everything, they are quite trendy. Shoulder bags are a great choice for a casual hangout with your girlfriends or a dinner date with your significant other. 


The tote bag is a rare example where the name’s meaning corresponds to the exact description of the product. “Tote” means “to carry,” and the tote bag is meant to do just that. Furthermore, the tote bag’s basic form has allowed it to be used for a wide range of functions, from shopping to grocery shopping and much more. The tote bag has kept faithful to its shape throughout the changing seasons of bag trends. The tote bag is a structured bag that is made for practicality, durability, and fashion. In addition, the tote bag is frequently open, allowing quick access to the items in the bag. So, if you are in search of a durable and versatile handbag option, you’d be happy to hear that totes are in trend for 2022.

Bucket Bags

The Bucket Bag is more than just a fashion. The stylish and ingenious piece of arm candy is a lovely mix of pragmatism and haute couture. It comes in an approximately cylindrical form, deep inside. Furthermore, the sturdy sides and the overall shape of the bag look like a bucket. Also, the brim of this bag is usually secured with a simple drawstring that makes it easy to use. A bucket bag can be held in a variety of ways. Also, you have to admire its flexibility. Because the form of the bag, rather than the material or pattern, determines if it is a bucket bag, there is a lot of room for brands to add their own spin to the design.

Textured Bags

If you’re tired of leather, now’s the time to try something different. Textured bags made of materials like shearling or woven rattan are the perfect addition to completing your ensemble on any given day. Furthermore, you get velvet and sequin versions taking the runways of prominent brands. Therefore if you want to enhance the glam element of your style, add a textured bag. They come in embossed leather, beads, sequins, rattan, and a variety of other materials.

Ruched Handbags

This is the bag for all the fashionistas in town. Ruched bags are the latest trend that has been dominating the bag trends of 2022. Furthermore, it’s an attractive organizer for your lipstick, keys, phones, and nibbles. Also, a ruched bag emanates an attractive all-day appeal for any occasion and is a fashion essential for the modern woman. Its simple shape and stylish ruched accent give it a timeless appeal that works in any season. Allow this purse to be your go-to accessory for a brunch date or an evening cocktail. 

We hope our guide for handbag trends of 2022 helps you pick the right bags for this year. Check out our blog on Fashionable and Functional Bags for Women in 2021 Who Keep Practicality a Priority to discover more bags that are available through Daraz Fashion.

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