Home Appliances for This Avurudu- A Festival Preparation Guide

Home Appliances for This Avurudu- A Festival Preparation Guide

Home appliances are required for the cleaning and cooking in preparation of festivals, and preservation of delicacies. With Avurudu coming up, we should double-check if we have all that is essential for the celebrations.

Are you looking for home appliances in preparation for Avurudu? Or are you just looking for advice and ideas to create a shopping checklist? Whatever it is, this article will get you covered.

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So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the essential appliances that you need for this Avurudu!

For Your Avurudu Sweetmeats

Avurudu is strongly associated with traditional food and sweetmeats. The aroma of our favourite  Avurudu sweets, and the Tamil and Sinhala culinary delights hold a special place for us, especially on the day of Avurudu. That being said, it’s also essential that we have the right kitchen appliances to assist us in our food preparations for this festive occasion.

Some of the most loved Avurudu treats include Kiribath, Konda Kavum, Kokis, and Aasmi. In order to prepare these, look out for the utensils and appliances that are required for the process. If you’re doing it the traditional way, you might need a clay pot to cook the milk rice.

However, you can also use a quart pot or a stainless-steel cooker. A cake tray and a kiribath cutter would also come in handy, although they aren’t essential. For other sweetmeats such as Kavum and Kokis, make sure to also look for Kavum Mould, Non-Stick Pan, a deep frying pan, a large bowl and a wooden stick.

With a lot of cooking and frying going on, it can help you greatly to install a cooking hood. Cooking hoods extract unpleasant smell and steam and would add positively to your food preparation process, removing a lot of stress.

To Best Present Yourself

Festivals also mean new clothes and looking at your best. Waking up to rituals and wearing neatly ironed clothes are a part of our festival routine. In that regard, if our washing machines, steam iron, washers & dryers could use a replacement- it’s the best time to pay attention to it. Some of the best irons include Philips steam iron and Tefal steam iron. Make sure to also look for dry irons, and washer and dryer combo for more options.

To Stay Energetic Throughout the Week

Preparing for festivals can be overwhelming, and it’s important that we have a good  level of energy to get things done. And not to forget, it’s more important to stay active and energetic on the day of the festival to have fun throughout.  It’s easy to get drained out when there’s a lot happening around you.

Festivals, for most of us, also translate to spending time with our families and friends. It may also include a little bit of walking to share Avurudu treats with our neighbors. Most of us incorporate traditional outdoor Avurudu games in the celebration. To make the most of this special occasion, we could all use a constant energy boost. And what better energy boost than caffeine? Expresso machines for home and coffee makers at Daraz are inexpensive, lasts long, and helps you to make the best coffee with minimum effort.

To Store Your Festive Delicacies

For this special occasion, we usually start our food preparation days in advance. One of the prep strategies includes making the batter and storing it in the fridge days before Avurudu. This is also done for other food items such as snacks. This way, they can be fried or cooked on the day of the festival, to be served warm.

In concern to this, it’s evident that refrigerators play an important role in our food preservation for the festival. So, make sure to check if your refrigerator is in good condition. If not, take steps to fix or get a new one so you don’t experience last-minute hindrances.

To Preheat Your Food for the Visitors

There’s always food for your family and friends on the day of the Sinhala and Tamil New Year. But sometimes, they need to be heated. This is when an easy-to-operate oven may be essential. From built-in ovens and electric ovens to built-in gas stoves and burners- you can also find the best kitchen appliances on Daraz.

To Keep You Entertained

And last but not least, incorporating an entertainment factor in the hectic week of festival preparation is important. It’s essential to take breaks and have adequate sleep, so you don’t burn out in the process. Furthermore, adding music and screening a movie on the day of Avurudu are also great ways to add to the celebrations. If you’re lacking entertainment supplies, make sure to check for JBL speakers, a television, and other household electronic appliances that could only make your days better!

We hope the time you invested in this article helped you in some way or another with regard to your Avurudu shopping. Whether you’re looking for fridges, home appliances, built-in microwave or kitchen appliances, make sure to also keep an eye on the deals offered by Daraz. Furthermore, if you find these buying guides interesting, keep yourself updated with the Daraz blogs! If you are looking for affordable appliances, check out our blog post; Best Home Appliances Price in Sri Lanka Under Rs. 25,000.

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