Spotless for Avurudu: Top Home Cleaning Tools List for 2022

Spotless for Avurudu: Top Home Cleaning Tools List for 2022

With Avurudu around the corner, it’s necessary to keep our homes clean and spotless. Cleaning isn’t something we’re all looking forward to doing. However, it’s important nonetheless, and we have to get done. This Avurudu, we want to make it easier for you.

Looking for laundry and cleaning essentials to get your house spotless for this Avurudu? We’ve come up with with a list of the top cleaning tools that could help you this new year.

It’s always best to have your cleaning tools in one place, so you don’t waste much time constantly looking for detergents or the appropriate equipment.

Furthermore, make sure they’re in good condition. Handle your equipment with care and replace old ones which have well worn out. Overused equipment will require more of your time to get an area cleaned out.

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Without further ado, let’s dive into some of our top home cleaning tools that could help you get your house spotless this Avurudu.


Regardless of how much sweeping with a broom you get done, it’s essential to mop your floor occasionally. Especially with a special day coming up – this can’t be ignored.

There are different types of mops that you can choose from, ranging from flat mops to traditional mops.  It’s essential to decide on which kind of mop is best for your floor, by factoring in how easy it is for you to use them.

While the traditional mop might be the most familiar option to us, flat mops and sponge mops may be more effective. Flat mops come with a reusable or disposable cloth, and are better at cleaning corners of floors.

Sponge mops, on the other hand, are better tile cleaners. If you’re settling for a traditional string mop or a sponge mop- make sure to have a mop bucket with you,

Tile Cleaners

Tile cleaners are water-based, acidic cleaners, added for deep cleaning a variety of tile surfaces of different materials and textures. Tiles are generally fairly difficult to clean and may require a lot of scrubbing. But with a tile cleaner and appropriate equipment, the effort required for the desired spotless results is much lesser. Daraz offers some of the best tile cleaning solutions, including floor cleaners and bathroom cleaners.

Spray Mop

Another great mop option is the spray mop. If you find it troublesome to constantly have to change the cloth pad of flat mops- this could be the ultimate mop for you.

These mops don’t require you to dip the mop in cleaning solution and save you the hassle of squeezing the extra solution out. A small water tank is incorporated into the pole of spray mops, and water can be conveniently sprayed in moderate amounts as you mop.

Window Cleaner

With the right tools, cleaning dirty panes or windows until they’re spotless and shiny wouldn’t take much time. Window and glass cleaners come mostly in the form of wipers. All that’s required to clean your window at home would mostly be a disinfectant, a window cleaner, a towel or cloth, scrubbers, and some water.

The amount of water required may also be dependent on the type of disinfectant you use. It’s essential to disinfect surfaces that may bring germs to people if contacted. You can also use dishwasher soap or a touch of liquid soap to clean your windows. Make sure to rinse your window properly before you leave it to dry.

Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are one of the most effective, common, and convenient cleaning tools. These help to get rid of allergens and are user-friendly, saving you energy and time. Get a vacuum cleaner to achieve spotless results with minimum effort.

These feature suction motors and filters to collect dirt and dust. There are many types of vacuum cleaners- namely hand-held vacuum cleaners, canister vacuum cleaners, vertical vacuum cleaners, and robot vacuum cleaners.

It’s advised to change your bedsheets before you start your vacuuming process. When vacuuming, keep running it around and just pass through, rather than spending a lot of time on a fixed area. You can also find sofa cleaners and surface cleaners on Daraz.

Steam Cleaners

A steam cleaner or steam mop has a built-in water tank attached to its pole. This tank generates and outputs hot steam through the head of the mop, to deep-clean surfaces.

The hot vapour helps to get rid of dirt, debris and kill bacteria. Steam cleaning also help to remove pet odour and is great especially if you have dogs and cats at home.

Certain steam mops can also be used for sofa cleaning, window cleaning, and bathroom cleaning. If you don’t like a messy and wet mopping experience, steam mops may be the best way to go about this.

We hope the time you invested in reading this article helped you greatly. Whether you’re making your Avurudu laundry and cleaning house checklist, or looking for just cleaning tips for a spotless home- Daraz is here to help you out.

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