Stay Productive During Power Cuts: Top Energy Saving Electronics

Stay Productive During Power Cuts: Top Energy Saving Electronics

Power cuts can hamper our productivity and we’ve all been experiencing this lately. Due to the current power cuts, we have been slower at ticking tasks off our to-do lists. This could be due to the fact that working while sweating and with limited light is difficult. However, some portable electronics and energy-saving gadgets can help you with this.

Are you looking for ways to stay productive during the power cuts? You’re at the right place! Along with suggestions of our best-loved electronics to tackle this this situation, we’ve also come up with a few other ways to minimize the negative impacts of power outages.

It always helps to plan ahead and keep updated with your power cut schedule. Some ways to stay on the safe side would be by:

  • Completing any offline duties you’ve been putting off. These could be simple tasks like rearranging your workspace or brainstorming new project ideas.
  • Making offline backups of your files on a regular basis.
  • Disconnecting your electronics and appliances from outlets- power surges may occur when power returns, causing damage to your devices.
  • Preparing batteries and other alternate power sources, such as a portable charger or power bank, to meet your demands if the power goes out.

Without further ado, let’s look into some of our favourite electronics and appliances that could help you get through these tough times.

Portable Wifi

Ever got disconnected from a meeting because the power outage took the Wi-Fi connection out too? This is when portable Wi-Fi, rechargeable wifi, or a dongle can come in handy.

A portable Wi-Fi uses mobile data plans rather than broadband plans, and a sim card instead of a cable. These are also known as pocket WIFI and can be carried with you as you travel. With a portable Wi-Fi, you don’t need power to stay online and connected.

Power-Efficient Laptop

Most of the modern laptops have vast improvements in their battery lives. These improvements are as a result of their power-efficient CPUs and other components. Using a power-efficient laptop can help you stay unplugged for longer hours.

Hence, during power outages, you may still be able to continue your work, unaffected. Apple’s MacBook and MacBook Pro ranges are known for their long battery life.

The majority of the portable Macs can run for more than 18 hours, while the newest models can run for much longer. Such laptops can definitely be helpful in the event of a ten-hour-long power cut.

Solar Power Bank

Dealing with an uncharged phone in the middle of a long power cut can be frustrating, especially if you have an urgent phone call to make. If you’ve been in this kind of situation, it’s about time you explore the use of solar power banks for your mobile phones.

These portable battery packs are compatible with most types of phones and electronic devices. They collect power from the sunlight and turn it into electricity.

This electricity can be used for charging mobile phones and other electronic devices without plugging them into an electrical socket. Whether you have an Android phone, an iPhone, or a tablet, there are a variety of power banks that can be utilized with these devices.

Solar Charger

Another item that can be used that doesn’t require a power source for charging is a solar battery charger. In this charger, solar panels capture energy from the sun and convert it into electricity.

Having a solar charger is also handy if you are travelling or want to engage in outdoor activities. You can carry your solar charger around and charge your phone whenever required. This is another device that helps you stay connected when you’re experiencing a power cut.

Portable Air Cooler

One other reason you may find it hard to be productive during power cuts would probably be because of the heat. Unless you already have a generator, a solar panel or a portable AC, you may find the hot spots of your house very uncomfortable to work in.

Portable air coolers are excellent backup devices, particularly in small areas that can be closed off. These portable air coolers are also inexpensive and a great way to add some fresh air to your home. Even if your main air conditioner breaks, these can also be a lifesaver because you can get them up and running as you wait for it to be repaired.

Mini Portable Air Conditioner

Some days we just want a decent nap and the power cuts may interfere us from achieving that. It’s hard to have quality sleep when you’re sweating. Mini portable air conditioners may help you with this. This portable unit may also be used for a part of the day in a limited space, and help you get through power cuts.

Solar Lamp

Solar lamps are cost-effective lighting solutions as they don’t require electricity. These use energy from the heat of the sun. They also don’t depend on electrical charges. Over time, solar lamps can also help you save a lot of money from your electrical bills, without compromising your comfort and convenience indoors.

Rechargeable Table Fan

If you don’t want to get a portable AC, you may want to consider a rechargeable table fan. Battery-operated fans are great since they eliminate the need for wires, which restrict the device’s movement and create clutter. Small, lightweight, and dependable are the characteristics of the best rechargeable fans.

These fans have long-lasting batteries, allowing you to enjoy a pleasant breeze for a longer period of time. With a rechargeable table fan, you can get cool breeze from different angles. This is suitable for both indoor and outdoor, and helps to keep you cool regardless of where you are.

We hope this article provided you with ideas on which appliances you can use to help you increase your productivity during power cuts. Furthermore, if you’re looking for great smartphones at great prices, make sure to check out our blog: Grab the Best Mobile Phones Price in Sri Lanka During Avurdu Waasi.

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