Best Software for Your PC in 2022: Get Them on Daraz

Best Software for Your PC in 2022: Get Them on Daraz

Software and apps are naturally the first things you’ll look for if you just bought a new device. Getting cracked versions from untrustworthy websites comes with risks and isn’t ethical, and not everyone is confident with adding their card details onto websites, for fear of being hacked.

Are you in the search for the best software in 2022? With so many amazing options out there, it might be hard to decide on which ones to get. To make things easier for you, we’ve put together a list of some of the best software on the market. In addition to that, you can find them on Daraz. Click on the pictures to be guided to our official website for a quick and easy purchase, and choose the right payment method that works best for you.

Malwarebytes Premium

Malwarebytes Premium may be the ideal internet security system for you if you’re seeking something easy but effective. The premium edition, in contrast to the free version, includes Realtime Protection, Anti-Exploits, and Scheduled Scan. The Premium plan covers 5 devices, regardless of whether they are Windows,  Android, iOS, or Mac.

This software’s real-time security adds additional levels of defence against online fraud, phishing, and other threats. The Anti-Exploits feature also prevents attackers from using other approaches to break into your system. While Premium provides on-demand scanning, it also provides continuous threat prevention.

DaVinci Resolve Studio

With a modern and elegant interface that’s easy to learn- DaVinci Resolve is an all-in-one software that combines editing, color correction, visual effects, motion graphics, and audio post-production. But why should you pay for the Studio version, instead of using the free one? The Studio version comes with many benefits, such as lens correction, advanced noise reduction, 30 additional visual effects, HDR scopes, and countless other features. With DaVinci Resolve, you don’t have to switch software for different tasks. This software comes with tools used by some of the top Hollywood professionals.

Windows 10 Professional

If you’re concerned about the security of your data, Windows 10 Pro is a good option to consider. The biggest distinction between Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro is the operating system’s security. With Windows 10 Pro, you have the option of connecting it to a domain, while Windows 10 Home will not allow it. Other features of Windows 10 Pro include Remote Desktop, which, like AnyDesk, will allow you to connect to another PC and work remotely.

Adobe Creative Cloud

If you’re a content creator or a creative professional, working in the field of design, marketing, media,  or photography –  this plan could be everything you’ll need. And it’s also cost-effective in comparison to owning multiple programs separately to create your content. The variety offered by this plan can help you learn new skills every day.

Xbox Game Pass

In the gaming world, an Xbox Game Pass is similar to a Netflix subscription. On your Xbox console, this Microsoft video game subscription service gives you access to a large game catalog. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate comes with Xbox Live Gold as well. On Xbox systems, this is essential for multiplayer gaming. With an Xbox Game Pass, your linked account will have immediate access to all of the titles on the full Xbox Game Pass games list. This Game Pass is available on Daraz for purchase.

Netflix Lifetime Access

Are you tired of seeing advertisements every time you view something on YouTube or a streaming service? You might benefit from a Netflix subscription. This streaming service allows our members to watch TV series and movies on internet-connected devices without ads. You don’t necessarily need to connect your device to watch your favourite shows, if you’ve downloaded them previously onto your iOS, Android, or Windows 10 device. Netflix is also fantastic since it makes it easy to locate new shows that will interest you, with their recommendations.


Turnitin is a great software to have especially if you’re a college student, researcher or educator. This helps to keep your work original and address potential misbehavior. You can use this software to check for plagiarism circumventing strategies as well as determine the originality of a student’s work.  It also uses dynamic rubrics and AI-powered algorithms to assist instructors in grading and delivering student work, and it is reliable with a database of over 91 billion indexed web pages. It also allows teachers to compare student work against Turnitin submissions using comprehensive color-coding and filters.

Corel PDF Fusion

Corel PDF Fusion allows you to read and work with over 99 different file types without having to buy and install the program that was used to create them. This is great for opening and sharing file types that you may not normally work with, in addition to the file formats you use every day. You may assemble, modify, and create PDFs using this all-in-one PDF creator.

Simply create and edit PDFs with Corel PDF Fusion and effortlessly mix multiple file formats into a single PDF document. Furthermore, instead of retyping and cutting and pasting, this software allows you to save time by quickly repurposing material.


If you’re looking for more entertainment and Media software, Paramount is yet another one you’d want to consider. Paramount is a strong competitor of other streaming software such as NBC’s Peacock, Disney+, HBO Max, Netflix and Hulu. Here, you can find classic TV series and movies from ViacomCBS and Paramount and its numerous subsidiaries. Its streaming collection includes CBS, Sports HQ, Entertainment Tonight, Nickelodeon, MTV, Comedy Central, and the Smithsonian Channel.

We hope this article helped you decide which paid software you’d like to get for your computer and the benefits of owning them. Furthermore, if you feel like the heat and power cuts are affecting your productivity, make sure to check out our blog on Stay Productive During Power Cuts: Top Energy Saving Electronics.

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