Best Kitchen and Home Appliances Under Rs. 30,000

Best Kitchen and Home Appliances Under Rs. 30,000

Kitchen and home appliances help with household tasks, such as cooking or cleaning. There are a variety of appliances that fall under the categories of kitchen and home appliances.

Have you been looking for the best kitchen and home appliances? It’s difficult to get all of your chores done without some extra help in an age when time is money.

Appliances can help you with that, and get your work completed in minimum time- especially when no one else is around to help you. These can help with tasks as small as making a cup of coffee and bigger ones such as laundry.

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Rice Cooker

With rice being the staple food in Sri Lanka, the rice cooker is probably the topmost appliance used in our homes. And thanks to rice cookers, we can prepare our main dish with no skill. They’re easy to operate. With just a push of a button and about 30 minutes, we can soon get fluffy rice for our meal.

Hot Plate

No matter how busy we may be, it’s essential to have all our meals on time. Some of us are used to buying food from outside. But given the current situation, buying food from outside may not be the best idea for your pocket. However, with hot plates, cooking food is made faster and you can cook most kinds of food you want at any time you want.

In comparison to an induction cookers, hot plates are convenient in the way that you can use any type of vessel on them. However, induction cookers require a certain type of vessel.

To cook something on a hot plate, you just have to use a heat-resistant pan, have the right settings and then cook your meal by adding your ingredients as the pan heats up.


When the country is going through a hardship, it’s important to remember that all of us need to contribute to overcome it. That being said, little things like cutting down your electricity consumption can really help. Using fans instead of air conditioners (A/Cs) can help lower your electricity bill by around 35%.

Fans are used for circulating air, and this can benefit in a variety of ways. If your area is also affected by the power cuts frequently, you may want to consider getting a rechargeable fan. Rechargeable fans will help keep you cool, without being connected to an outlet, when there is no power to operate your other cooling gadgets that require an electric supply.


Tend to run late every morning for college or work? This may result in you skipping your breakfast as you feel like you have no time to prepare a meal. If this sounds like you, a toaster might do you some good. Toasters are simple household appliances. These are used to softly heat and toast bread slices to make them crispier, darker, and more delicious.

There are various varieties of toasters available, each with its own set of features that distinguish their operation. You can also make a variety of easy meals in less than 5 minutes with a toaster, such as  Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Paninis, and Reheated Pizzas.

Induction Cooker

You might want to stick to induction cookers if you’re more comfortable with them. Because heat is not lost during the transfer phase, induction cookers are also more energy efficient than electric or gas cookers. A lot of energy is wasted to the air around the pots and pans on gas and electric stoves. These are also easier to clean than electric cookers.

Electric Oven

Another device that every home should have is an oven. This is critical when heating food that has been stored in the refrigerator for later use. Microwave and electric ovens, particularly fan-assisted ovens, tend to disperse heat more evenly. This permits hot air to travel around the oven, encircling the food and cooking it from various angles.

Air Fryer

Air fryers are like miniature ovens that crisp up wings, fries, vegetables, and other air-fried dishes with little or no oil. They all work by circulating hot air swiftly utilizing a concentrated heat source, which is usually positioned on top. They’re also perfect for warming leftovers . The Philips air fryer is one of our favorite air fryers. Kenwood food processors and juicers are two other options to consider that could help you hit your health goals.


Do you ever not make yourself a cup of your favourite hot beverage only because it takes a long time for water to boil? It’s so much more convenient with an electric kettle. An electric kettle, especially one with a high wattage, boils water in a short amount of time. Furthermore, electric kettles utilize about 80% of the energy required to boil water or any other beverage. You may also fix and move them wherever you like, and you don’t have to go to the kitchen to boil your water.

We hope this article helped you with ideas on which kinds of home and kitchen appliances you’d like to save up on this Savings Sathiya. Whether you’re looking for any of the mentioned appliances, or other ones like humidifiers, multicookers, LG washing machines, LG fridge and many more – make sure to check Daraz out for the wide range of discounts available.

Furthermore, if you’re looking to stack up on grocery and other essentials, stop by our blog: Stack Up on These Essentials with Daraz Mart – A Complete Checklist. Keep an eye out for more buying guides and similar content coming your way!

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