Cleaning Tools and Storage Solutions For a Spick and Span Home

Cleaning Tools and Storage Solutions For a Spick and Span Home

If you are on the lookout for cleaning tools and storage solutions to organize your household, we have great news. You can get all the cleaning tools and storage items at the lowest prices during Daraz 11.11.

Are you searching for cleaning tools and storage solutions? Continue reading to find out how you can get the best deals and discounts on Daraz during 11.11 to buy all your laundry and cleaning requirements.

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Let’s look at some of the tools you can get to clean and organize your house.


A broom is an essential cleaning tool for every household. Check out Whiteline Industries Colombo PVT ltd store for the best offers on brooms and other cleaning aids.

Dust Pan

Once you sweep all of the dust and dirt into one place, your next go-to item is the dustpan. It can help you conveniently get rid of dust and dirt without making any further mess.


After sweeping the floor with a broom, the next step is to mop the area with a surface cleaner to ensure hygiene. Also, you can have separate mops for different areas of the home, such as outdoors, indoors and in washrooms.


A squeegee helps to get rid of extra water after washing an area with water. Therefore this is always a handy tool to have around the house.

Bathroom Cleaning Brush

Keep your bathrooms clean and hygienic by giving them a full clean-up every once or twice a week. Therefore, get your household a bathroom cleaning brush to easily achieve this task.

Storage Box

Nothing is more annoying than walking into a space cluttered with objects. Therefore, keep only the essential items outside and store the rest away in a storage box.

Laundry Basket

Don’t let your laundry lie around all over the place. Just drop them in a laundry basket and then take them out on laundry day to give them the cleaning they deserve.

Waste Paper Basket

A waste paper basket helps to keep every space of your home clean and organized. You can have a waste paper basket in every room of your household to easily dispose of your waste.

Drawer Set

Organize the items in your kitchen or study table by storing some of the items in a small drawer set.

Storage Rack

A storage rack like the one featured here can be an ideal tool to organize items like cutlery and serviettes in your kitchen.

Large Drawer Set

You can store anything from your clothes to shoes or bags in a large drawer set. Sometimes when you run out of space in your closet, a large drawer can act as an ideal storage solution.

Hope you will be able to get all the cleaning items you require for your household at super discounts. If you are shopping for clothes, check out Fashionable Outfits Up To 70% Off From Daraz 11.11 Sale.

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