Bad quarantine habits done right

Bad quarantine habits done right

Have you also taken up some bad quarantine habits like being Lazy, Sleepy, Bored and Tired? With the sudden Corona Virus outbreak all around the world, most of us are finding it hard to settle into the ultimate lockdown. 

Different people handle the situation in different ways. While most of us are stuck at home, super stressed out with the spike in the numbers, some of us are Working and Studying from home. 

If you thought, this Stay at Home period has not been efficient for your life or you’ve only been in a Binge and Chill mood, don’t worry you’ve done it right! Though we consider ourselves lazier and unproductive, let’s agree we all needed this break from the common buzz. Here are a few things we have thought we did wrong; 

1. Take a Rest – Stay Focused

Were you working, binge watching, gaming or messaging all day? Since we are so involved and connected through our Digital Devices, taking small rests away from them is a must!

Allocate some time to keep all your devices away and just spend some time on your own. This is because you need to rest your mind from too much information and especially protect your eyes from the blue rays. 

Take small walks around the house, get involved in some decluttering and try spending some time looking out the window exploring trees and birds outside. Make a To – Do list for yourself daily to stay on board with your work and assignments.

2. Take Naps – Stay Energized

Have you been sleeping more often than ever before? Taking short naps for 10 – 40 mins during the day is normal.

Taking Naps can actually help you rejuvenate your energy levels and be more productive and efficient during the rest of the time. 

Definitely taking naps too often is not too good for your health. Try not to over sleep and extend your nap time for over an hour. Planned naps and Scheduled naps are the way forward. Set an alarm for the time you can commit for a short nap. When you are awake, wash your face and hydrate yourself and feel fresh and clean. 

3. Do nothing – Stay Ahead

Did nothing all day? Well that’s mostly a lie. When most people say they did nothing they actually mean they did nothing worth counting as an action. Eating, brushing your teeth, taking a wash and scrolling through social media also counts as actions. 

Doing Nothing is good, if it’s done right! Be mindful of where your mind revolves. Try to control your thoughts towards planning ahead, rather than being disappointed about the food, friends and travel plans you missed. Update your bucket list and plan ahead! 

4. Be bored  – Stay innovative

Complained about being too bored? Then this time is meant just for you. This kind of a stay home – do nothing break rarely comes to us during the usual stay home days, we all deserved an escape! So staying bored is okay as long as you use the time wisely. 

Boredom helps people in many ways. The people who are usually say they are bored, actually involve themselves in something that boosts creativity or gathers knowledge. 

Did you know?

Being bored helped Newton come up with the theory of Gravity during the plague. 

So you could re-strategize your thinking pattern, stay bored but make time to think, explore and experiment!

5. Be tired – Stay connected

Tired after a long day of work? Or are you anxious about the situation around you? Speaking to someone and relating what’s cluttering your mind will really help.

Maybe you were waiting to speak or reconnect with some people after a rough patch – there is no better time to connect. 

Remember the days you refused meet ups with your friends because you were too busy? Well you got time now! Take some time off to reconnect with your friends and family and stay connected. Everyone is pretty much free for a call once in a while. 

6. Be Alone – Stay creative

Do people and socializing on social media exhaust you? It’s normal and it’s okay to feel that way. Though we might have assumed that staying updated on social media and NEWS is a remedy to not feel bored, it might make you more anxious and stressed out.

Spending some time on your own recollecting some memories or evaluating your journey is useful to keep you healthy and focused. So it’s totally fine to stay away from everyone around. 

“Out of loneliness sparks unending creativity”

Shaik Ashraf ( Author of  “In Search of Happiness”)

Get yourself involved in a bunch of creative activities such as writing, art, reading or even cooking. Explore new things that you can do and put your thoughts into things that make you happy. 

Looks like you haven’t been doing wrong all this time! 

Stay ready for the times ahead, let’s plan to stay focused and happy until the end. Remember this is only temporary and we are staying home to save the world.

Amaani Inthikab

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