Celebrate Eid – al – Fitr – Resolution 2020

Celebrate Eid – al – Fitr – Resolution 2020

The time of Spiritual well being, joyful time with family and recollecting yourself with prayer sounds much easier being in quarantine right? More time at home for most of us while we need to stay on double caution radar on staying safe, clean and healthy. Find out how Eid 2020 is celebrated just right.

Since social distancing is the best practice all around the world for the year 2020, celebrating quality time with the fam-dom is gonna be out of the way. But celebrating Eid all alone with no visitors, no aunty gossip, no kids running around and no sharing food! – sounds like it’s not Eid after all.

Here are a few MUST DO’s to have the best Ramadhan to fit 2020!

Pray – stay spiritually connected

Spiritual Recollection is the epitome of the season of Ramadan. But if you got the pray schedule messed up due to quarantine, or maybe work… It’s no excuse. Balance is key and this is the best time to practice. Allocate the slots you need to observe your prayers, and set your alarms on the phone if you got no app to help you with it. 

Fit everything else in between your prayer schedule, now you got 5 slots in a day to get your work done. Save time for your family and friends, time for a netflix binge and most of all you are being productive. Hit them Goals!

It’s all about the FOOD

Waking up early or staying up all night makes the situation a little more confusing for all our Ramadan buddies out there. Starting the normal human morning routine with a massive break-fiest it alot to start with. Especially for people with normal work schedules who gotta hit the desk a few mins after this heavy meal first thing in the morning yeah. 

Talking real science does not really support the big meal deal. Soo how can you eat healthy and still practice a good Ramadan routine? 

Taking up an intermittent fasting routine with almost 12 hours of fasting is totally healthy. All you gotta do is flatten the curve while you break the fast. Start and end with a snack (that’s where the dates come into play) and add on two BIG meals (NOT XL) in between. 

Sharing is a thought! But sharing food does not come in too handy. ALERT! Eid 2020 is the year of Social D – i – s – t – a – n – c – i – n – g ! 

Save up energy 

Avoiding any strenuous activities during the day while you fast is a must. Congratulations! maybe quarantine actually helped get our day intact and healthy.

Now this doesn’t mean you sleep all day and eat all night. Since everything is functioning in a whole new way, stay focused and hit the grind. 

Spend some quality time with Fam 

During Ramadan try to spend more time reconnecting with family and friends. Go online and make a video call with your friends, share quality time with the ones at home. 

Out of ideas? Check out the link below!

Just like Ramadan is a season of containment, it is also known as the season of giving. Dedicating time and effort in spiritual goodwill. While you take the opportunity to help the ones in need, the long term traditions of gifting your loved one’s never gets old. 

For the time being shopping seems to be a hazard, minimum limits in long queues for extremely loooong hours… That sounds like a big no no. Shop on Daraz, your handheld supermarket for all your goodies. 

Worry no more, download the Daraz app and check out the range of Fashion items for nana, household utilities for ma, all in one go from your mobile. Bonus you got time to think which shirt suits appa and which for anna and listing out the gifts for (nieces and nephews). If you just ran out of ideas, get Daraz vouchers and let everyone enjoy the Ramdan spirit in their own way. 

Enjoy Eid 2020 connecting spiritually, connecting with family and friends while you enjoy connecting with life online with Daraz! Eid Mubarak!

Amaani Inthikab

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