Hello Summer! – The Insta-friendly Travel Fashion Guide

Hello Summer! – The Insta-friendly Travel Fashion Guide

Got your summer bode in check? Get ready to scream “Hello Sunshine – Hello Summer!” Travel roam and chillax as you please. Check out this Insta-friendly Travel Fashion Guide made just for you.

Since Corona is letting us feel the sun a bit more than before, Summer 2020 is a new kinda celebration. Get your safety pack and travel gear on check and Let the TRAVELS BEGIN! Travel all around our paradise island, visit the bright blue beaches or the thick green jungles.

The Big Tee

Bottom’s up

Casual always screams one single word. Yes, you guess it right… JEANS! Jeans are the biggest investment you could ever have. Call it comfy, long lasting, matchable etc. etc. everything you want to call your outfits draws the line to jeans.

Give your jeans a break. Get yourself some fancy vibrant pants. Shorts or Khaki’s for men and plazos for women. Say yes to come printed fun and get your vaca -tion mood on!

Find your feet

Literally: if your feet ain’t comfy long journeys are a capital NO. If it’s chill on the beach casual slip ons or flip flops will do the talking. But make sure you are ready to get your feet wet on the shore.

Ready for a hike in the mountains? Get your trainers on and be ready to get count your steps. A casual walk in the park kinda vibe around the Galle fort will do you well with the trendy whites.

Pack it in for a vacay

One big miss all insta-friendly travel fashion lovers do is miss out on the luggage. For mountain climbers or a road trip adventurer a backpack is the best and most convenient go-to option.

A fancy 3-4-5-6-star won’t fit in the backpack criteria. Get yourself an upright suitcase or a trolly bag. Save the creases and get ready to slay a Piña colada.

Have a fordable career bag folded up in your luggage and travel light from your check in. just in case you wanna jump into water, take this along.

Essential travel utilities

The most essential, the must have the ones you cannot step out with was saved for the last! Everything you need to stay beautiful and safe hits the essential list.

Include your essential sunscreens, moisturizers shampoo and body wash & dump it (organized) into an easy to handle toiletry case. Keep your super essential undies save and dry in a organizer.

Eye care bingo – #FashionEssential. DO NOT FORGET you shades! Add the cherry on top to all your instagramable travel fashion outfits with a pair of fancy shades and keeps you on a site check.

Collect all these fashion utilities on Daraz now!

Amaani Inthikab

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