Keeping Your Kids Busy as You Work – Kids’ Toys and Activities

Keeping Your Kids Busy as You Work – Kids’ Toys and Activities

Kids’ toys and activities can help keep your child occupied as you get your work done. It can be difficult to balance the demands of our families with keeping up a job schedule. Therefore, making sure you have engaging activities planned for your kids can help to remove some of the burdens off your shoulder.

Have you been looking for kids’ toys and activities to keep your kids entertained as you work? To make things easier for you, we’ve come up with a list of our favourite toys and activities especially for you. Make sure to click on the pictures to get them for your kids today.


One of the simplest methods to keep your kids entertained at home is to have a ton of toys available. It helps to have your kid’s toys organized when you’re busy at home, so they don’t approach you every time they want to find one. 

Toys can also help kids bond with one another. This is especially handy if you have more than one child. They are an educational tool while also providing entertainment. Toys foster creativity and improve cognitive behavior.

Art & Craft

Encouraging your children to get engaged in Arts and Crafts is a great way for your children to stay occupied as you get your chores done. Arts and Crafts for kids is a fantastic creative outlet, further allowing them to learn to reflect and manage their emotions.

Kids enjoy making things, so art projects can keep them engaged. Have some basic art items on hand, including as coloring books, clay, colour pencils, crayons, markers, brush pens, and construction paper – all of which you can find on Daraz at fast delivery.

Pretend Play

Children enjoy imitating grownups. Therefore, they tend to love Pretend Playing. Pretend Play also helps them improve their communication skills. It develops their creativity and intellect – allowing them to use their imagination to make sense of things they haven’t experienced yet. To facilitate and encourage them to play, you could get them a small desk, workstation, or a kitchen set for kids.

Educational Apps

Have you been too busy to sit with your child and help them with their school work? Not to worry, there are apps that can do your job for you. Some apps also allow the students to interact with the teacher, while keeping the parents up to date with their progress.

However, if you want your child to take advantage of such platforms, you might want to get them an electronic gadget such as a tablet for kids that’s accessible to the internet. Make sure to download a great parental control software, however, so that they won’t be deviated from the purpose.

To help them learn more about the world while you work, you can also look online for virtual museum tours, live performances, or a documentary about animals.

Play with Pets

Although pets may seem like a big commitment, getting your kid a pet to play with is a great way to keep them occupied. Make sure to get them some pet toys as well, so your child can spend some quality time with their furry friends. Not only do pets help keep them entertained when you’re busy, but they also teach your child responsibility, encourages a healthy lifestyle, and decrease allergies.

Sport Activities

Enrolling your child in a sports class helps, but it’s also beneficial to have a couple of safe sport equipment that your child can play with at home, while you’re busy. A simple example is a basketball hoop. They can be fixed on the wall at a height that’s not’s not too high.

Children who play sports are also healthier and have stronger muscles and bones. Make sure to check out the variety of sports equipment on Daraz, such as basketballs, rackets and much more.


People of all ages can enjoy gardening, but children in particular find it very fun. Gardening is educational and develops new skills. When you’re busy, you could give your kids a few seeds to plant. Teach them to water the plans regularly, encouraging them to learn responsibility and love nature. You can buy plant seeds online on Daraz, and get them delivered to your doorstep within a couple of days.


Like Albert Einstein’s saying, reading your kids fairy tales help them become intelligent. When children learn to read, it’s essential to encourage them to read storybooks for kids. Reading will help them improve their communication skills and imagination.  When choosing books for kids, make sure you choose ones with lots of pictures. These will help improve their interest and remember what happened in the story.

Sensory Play

As you purchase toys for your kids, make sure to also grab sensory toys. Sensory toys are used to stimulate one or more senses. Children find sensory toys more appealing since they can achieve desired sensory experience without much effort. LEGO is also a great sensory toy. These pieces come in different shapes, colours and textures, which can help stimulate your child’s touch and visual senses.

We hope this article helped you with ideas on how you can keep your kids occupied with the best kids’ toys and activities as you complete your chores. Don’t forget to drop by the Daraz online shopping platform to grab the best toys for kids at the lowest rates in Sri Lanka. Further, if you’re looking for easy snack recipes, make sure to check out our blog on Easy Snacks For Kids That Can Be Fixed Under 15 Minutes.

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