Rethinking Your Work From Home Setup Due to the Fuel Crisis

Rethinking Your Work From Home Setup Due to the Fuel Crisis

Switching back to work from home due to the current situation in Sri Lanka comes with its own sets of challenges. While you may be saving fuel or wouldn’t have to go through the stressful process of finding a tuk, mentally leaving “home mode” and entering “work mode” can be difficult.

Are you looking for ways to improve your work from home set up? We’ve put together a list of items you’ll need to transform your work from home experience into something you’ll love. Make sure you click on the products featured to own them today!


Work from home means you would spend a lot of time stuck to the desk at your work from home setup. Hence, you will need to lighten things up because this can be tedious. Purchase a desk that appeals to you. When you are relaxed and less stressed, you can work more productively. A solid desk is the foundation of any workplace. You may even look into desks that can be transformed into a standing desks so you may avoid sitting all day.

Ergonomic Office Chair

Have you ever experienced back aches due to sitting down for long periods of times? This issue can be solved with the right chair. A supportive, ergonomic chair with full lumbar support will reduce back pain and improve your ability to concentrate.

Desk Lamp

If you’re looking to improve your workflow dramatically, consider getting a fantastic desk lamp. These improve both aesthetically and functionally. It can improve your ability to see what you’re working on, lessen eye strain, and create the ideal environment for productivity. It’s advisable to buy a rechargeable desk lamp so you can work during power outages and avoid straining your eyes in low light conditions.


Tend to get stressed out a lot during work hours? All you need might be some music. Studies have shown that employees have provided better quality work while listening to calming music in the background. It further also proves that music positively correlates with productivity. A great Bluetooth speaker can help you block out any background noise and fill your workstation with your chosen ambient music, which will improve your ability to concentrate.


Work remotely means you might have a couple more meetings to attend. If the image quality of the webcam on your computer is terrible, you might want to consider buying a webcam.  A dedicated webcam is definitely worth investing in because they are constructed with better materials, have sensors with higher resolutions, and perform better in low-light conditions. In calls, recordings, and streaming, you’ll appear and sound better. Webcams also provide outstanding visual quality for anyone who has to present in front of a whiteboard.

Ergonomic Keyboard

A focused work session may require you to type all day. Hence, you need to invest in a good keyboard. The last thing you want to deal with is wrist and hand pain from craning your hands onto a keyboard. An ergonomic keyboard simply feels nicer to type on, causes less arm fatigue, and even allows for faster and more precise typing. Additionally, you won’t suffer from as many repetitive strain injuries (RSI), which can result from typing and harm your muscles, tendons, and nerves.

Headphones with Mic

Work meetings are essential to attend, but your background noise could negatively affect your experience. You either can’t hear the other person too well, or they can’t hear you. Or both happens. That being said, it’s worth to get a good microphone, or headphones with mic. These can help eliminate background noise, increasing the quality of your meetings.

Yoga Mat

If you’re working from home, you probably won’t be able to get much physical activity. This could negatively impact your wellbeing. One thing to consider is to occasionally engage in light physical activities such as yoga. Having a yoga mat placed next to your workspace can motivate you to engage in engage in yoga or like practices in between work.


Whiteboards are used to communicate ideas and information. Having one in your workspace can be a reusable alternatives to paper for taking notes. You can also use whiteboards to express yourself.  In particular, if you are very hands-on and like to physically make notes rather than type them, whiteboards can be a great method to keep track of your daily activities and help you stay organized. It will keep the work at hand in your constant awareness because it is always visible to you.

A Power Bank

Given the current economic situation, if you work from home, you might most likely to experience a power outage. However, missing work-related calls and messages could result in a pay cuts, and no one wants that. To guarantee that there is always a means to recharge your phone when it dies, it is best to have a power bank. The majority of phones and electrical devices are compatible with these portable battery packs.

Reachargeable Fan

The heat can negatively impact your productivity, leading to work getting done at a slower pace. Despite the hot climate in most places in Sri Lanka, the power cuts also have us sweating extra. Having a rechargeable fan can come at your benefit.

Due to the long-lasting batteries in these fans, you can take pleasure in a cool breeze for a longer amount of time. You may enjoy a refreshing breeze coming at you from various directions with a rechargeable table fan. Rechargeable coolers have become a must-have in a Sri Lankan work from home setup. This keeps you cool and is also appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use, in case you want to switch locations and work in your garden for a change.

We hope this article helped you decide what you want to add to transform your workspace and add positively to your wellbeing. Moreover, if you’re looking for kitchen and home appliances, make sure to check our blog on Best Kitchen and Home Appliances Under Rs. 30,000.

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